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Flight Log ... Maps

Jun 14, 2016
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Hi there I am not sure if I have read this or not .. but updating google maps to the st16 flight log is there such a thing ... thanks
Connect the ST16 to a Wifi network and the app will download the maps for the area you flew in as you view the telemetry recordings.
Thanks @FlyingJunkie ;)

The latest firmware has a flight log viewer, or you can use my app mentioned above which allows you to view telemetry and video together, and converts logs to GPX format for things like Google Maps. Alternatively there are a few conversion programs out there which will run on your PC.

If you want to view maps on the ST-16 you will need to connect it to a WiFi point in order to download the map images.
thanks for the help ... I have been trying to load them on the ST 16 controller it goes so far then stops should I put them on a micro card then load up ... any advice would be great
I'm not clear exactly what you're doing here? You need to connect your ST-16 to a public network or your home WiFi in order to view maps. Once you've viewed a particular area, the map data should be available offline for later viewing (depending on which App you're using).
I have to ask the simplest question as for some unk reason it's just not clicking, but home with my ST-16 how do i connect "it" to my computer wi-fi? I need a step by step instruction guide on how to get and view the maps.
Thank you to anyone who can do that for me.
On the ST16, click on Pad in the lower-left corner, when the green pad desktop shows up, click on the icon in the bottom center. From there go to Settings, then WiFi. Select your Wifi network and enter the encryption key. Once connected, press the return button in the lower-right below the touchscreen to return to the Pad view. Open Google Maps or the Telemetry Log Viewer and the maps for the area should download automatically.
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Thank you for that, THoff! Very easy to understand and that fast response made life so much easier for me. I was trying to figure it out myself without asking but was burning up a lot of precious time.

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