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Greetings To All

Jun 18, 2016
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Just wanted to say hello to all you fellow drone enthusiasts ! I have been flying RC aircraft's and drones for, heck, I can't remember it's been so long! I have had my Typhoon H for three weeks and after a few minor adjustments have had not a single issue and find the craft is very doable in many ways for a non DIY craft and has a lot of nice features ! I am pleased ! I wanted to experience flying the H in all modes and with the wizard before posting any information on here and look forward to learning new things from you all ! :)
Welcome and please share your experiences, both good and bad. Hopefully mostly good!
I'll be the first to say welcome aboard, this is a great place to hang out and get great information, lot of good folks here,
Look Foward to hearing about your H experiences...
Fly high fly safe
I have found after experimenting with the camera settings, that the camera is good, but takes some fine tuning in manual mode and ND filters to get a really pro grade shot. But I can live with that and I know that firmware upgrades will help more on the auto focus settings.
At my age , they are all equal welcomes ! Thanks guys ! I will surely express my finds on various topics as I am no expert, but been playing with these things when all they had was a gas motor lol ! But have gone thru all the DJI's and Parrots and this is my first Yuneec platform, but has many of the same components and features. I have gone thru all the adjustments and channel settings ( not changing any mind you) to see what all the camera and expo/gains are factory set at, and they seem like they are close to what I would use to set on my home build models! Some seem to need some help, but I am going to give Yuneec time to adjust in future updates!

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