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typhoon h

  1. Search & Rescue Skin

    Search & Rescue Skin

    Search & Rescue Skin/Wrap, Highly Reflective, Photoluminescent Vinyl, Extreme High Visibility, Improved VLOS, Improves Aircraft Orientation During Flight
  2. Typhoon H Reflective Skin

    Typhoon H Reflective Skin

    Yuneec Skins - Custom Typhoon H Skin/Wrap using Photoluminescent Reflective Vinyl Decals, Yuneec Skins makes the "Best Fitting, "Best Looking Typhoon H Skins...
  3. C

    Different Typhoon H Motors?

    Hello everyone, I am brand new to this forum but I knew it was the best place to find the answers I need. I bought a typhoon age w/RealSense about six months ago. I recently crashed it and had to purchase two replacement “A Arms.” I received the arms up and did all the repairs yesterday. After...
  4. L

    Flying from boat.

    Hello everyone, I have a small boat (20 feet or so) and I want to get some drone footage with my Typhoon H. I’ve tried taking it off from a much bigger boat before, but it wouldn’t work properly. It was pretty calm and the boat wasn’t moving much, but the drone could not get a GPS lock. I tried...
  5. Z

    Bahía Concha, Santa Marta, Colombia

    Hi everybody, Enjoy a video compilation of Bahía Concha, Santa Marta, Magdalena, Colombia. Taken with the Typhoon H Pro. Visit Bahía Concha: Bahía Concha in Google Maps You can follow me as @zoomhummer in Instagram, Youtube, Twitter...
  6. C

    How much could I sell my Typhoon H for?

    Hello, I was wondering how much I could sell my Typhoon H for? It is in good condition as it has been in an accident but fully replaced by YUNEEC. I have a like new STG16, along with CGO3+. I also have 4 batteries and 2 sets of propellers. It comes with a charger. It does not include...
  7. JulesTEO

    Rooftop Helipad flight

    Hello everyone, just wanted to share this brief video with some clips from a flight I performed a couple months ago. (ref. to this thread: flying with Compass magnetic Interference) Unfortunately the cameragirl on the ground wasn't very experienced with the camera so a lot of footage went to...
  8. dltan888

    HELP: Any case/bag for Typhoon H that meets airline requirements? Experiences? Issues? Suggestions?

    Are there any bags/cases you guys use for traveling with the Typhoon H on an airplane? I prefer CARRY ON LUGGAGE, but if you guys checked in your Typhoon H what bag/case did you also use to ensure it's safe? What Im currently looking at: Typhoon H Backpack (soft case small by Yuneec HUL...
  9. F

    Help on What Camera I Have

    Can someone please help me figure out if camera that was replaced on my drone is sane as original that came with drone when I purchased..My original camer had a silver "4k" logo and silver lining of lense,when I received replaces camrra aftsr repair,it had a black logo and lining lense.Will...
  10. JulesTEO

    Taking off from Helipad (flying with Compass magnetic Interference)

    Hello everyone, I just want to share with you a recent unusual experience. Nothing bad happened, but I found it worth sharing: This did not end up in a crash or anything, so don't expect a picture of a totaled Typhoon H ;) A few weeks ago I had the chance to perform an amazing flight: I was...
  11. Capt Mark

    Has anyone tried these batteries

    Hello again all, Got some great input from my last query and thought I ask for your input again. Has anybody tried these Chinese batteries from GIFI Power? https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07FCM1WZT?pf_rd_p=c2463b52-1139-4aba-9ac9-26d103f6c586&pf_rd_r=PG57AQWZX7RFJTFSBMYM They are claiming...
  12. D

    Yuneec Typhoon H with Backpack and Accessories

  13. R

    Typhoon H probleme gps

    Bonjour à tous, mon Typhoon ne prend plus les GPS, la console indique 12 GPS au dessus à droite et sur le côté à gauche, mais reste en acquérir en rouge. Il ne peut plus décoller. ... J'ai tenté plusieurs endroits et même chose. ....Pouvez vous m'aider ? Merci
  14. JulesTEO

    Finally got a PixAero 3.77 replacement lens

    Not a new topic by far, but still I wanted to share with you that I finally decided to upgrade to the PixAero 3.77mm lens. I was a bit reluctant because I had to purchase directly from the manufacturer in Russia (and Mexican postal service leaves a lot to be desired). However, everything went...
  15. Capt. Overview

    8050mah battery for Yuneec H

    Anyone given this battery a go yet for the H? That's a lot of CLAIMED capacity. $92 on Amazon. Says it uses original charger. Anyone know what the stock battery weighs? Maker says this is 650g. Says the shipping weight is 650lbs so might be expensive to ship ;o) 8050mah 4S, 14.8V LiPO Battery...
  16. JulesTEO

    Aux button for GPS on/off (sort of)

    After analizing telemetry data and experimenting A Lot with the channel mixer I was able to achieve a method to enable/disable using the Aux button.. Well, sort of; it is actually a combination of the Aux button + the Rate (turtle/hare) slider. It kind of works; it is at most an iffy...
  17. JulesTEO

    Fun afteroon with Typhoon H & GoPro Karma

    About a month ago a friend of mine decided to purchase a GoPro Karma as his first "high-end" UAV, and he asked me for some "training" before trying to fly on his own. After a few practice flights on backyards and small parks, we decided to go out to the open to have some unrestricted fun. We...
  18. Big Dog

    First flight Typhoon H

    This is my first attempt at a drone video. It’s a “Real Estate Video” I shot of my mother-in-laws House. I shot it in 4K 30, with Auto white balance, manual exposure - 1/60 sec. I am a little disappointed with the jittery finished product and would love some feed back on what the problem might...
  19. E

    Typhoon H Pro w/Lots of Extras For Sale ***SOLD***

    Purchased late last year and have not had time to use it. Too large for easy travel need to downsize (again). Looking to move to a Breeze or MavicAir. This is a ready to go package. Yuneec Typhoon H Pro with Intel RealSense Technology - 4K with lots of extras. Worth well over $2100.00 This...
  20. AeroJ

    H at the Waterworks

    Found a cool new place to fly with interesting things on the ground... enjoy. I did leave White balance unlocked for one flight, but as I spent most of the time facing away from the sun it didn't affect things too badly...