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typhoon h

  1. J

    3D files for yuneec Typhoon H Arms

    Hello everyone, I recently had a crash with my Yuneec Typhoon H drone, and unfortunately, some arms got broken as a result. I'm now in need of new arms for my drone and I'm considering 3D printing them. I have already searched through numerous websites, but I couldn't find any suitable 3D...
  2. A

    Can I install only the gimbal firmware to Typhoon H480 ?

    I will find out that can I install only the gimbal firmware version to the Typhoon H480. For example downgrading the gimbal version from 1.25 to 1.22 and then installing the v1.25 back. There is N/A on Gimbal version section. And where I can download old Typhoon H's firmwares ?
  3. sdsurf86

    Tossing this S16...

    So in reading the threads there is no other way to bind a typhoon H S16 flight controller to another drone, I have made the change to DJI and couldn't be happier. But before I toss this absolutely useless controller I just thought I'd try one last time..... Question: As I understand it, there...
  4. C

    UAV Simulator question

    I have a Yuneec UAV Simulator that I was hoping to use to teach my grandkids to fly my Typhoon H. The back of the Simulator packaging says it works with ST10+/ST10/ST24. It does not list the ST16, but when I downloaded the app it shows the Typhoon H as an available aircraft, but I do not see...
  5. D

    Yuneec typhoon h

    New to the yuneec bought second hand always had a dji can't work the thing out had it up and flying the day I got it done a calibration and everything left it a few days had to go and bind the controller and camera last night again thing keeps beeping with a blue light now then it came up its...
  6. A

    How to change firmware from US to EU ?

    I am trying to change Typhoon H's firmware from US to EU, but I am not succeed. I have understood that only difference between US and EU version is the CGO3+ camera firmware, right ? So, st16 firmware and Typhoon H's firmware, Autopilot and Gimbal versions are the same in both US and EU...
  7. A

    Can I change ST16 channels to another ones ?

    Hello, I have to change ST16's channels 1-3 to higher, because I have custom setup with thermal camera and the thermal camera uses same frequence (2,4GHz, channel 1) than Typhoon H (2,4GHz). So, I have to change ST16's 1-3 channels to another ones, because if the thermal camera uses channel 1...
  8. A

    Camera points same direction no matter where UAV faces

    Hello, my drone typhoon H drone flies, the camera shows a picture, but the camera is stationary during flight, does not move.but when I rotate the drone the camera stays fix on one location. help me please.
  9. skwty

    $800 RTF Yuneec Typhoon H Drone Bundle Batteries Backpack CG03+ 4k Camera ST-16 +MORE

    UPDATED: This item has been **RELISTED** due to non-payment by winning bidder Buy Right Now: $800 US | Shipping from 53011 (USA) NEW Online bidding LINK >> http://ebay.us/9uYQFS?cmpnId=5338273189 FREE SHIPPING/INSURANCE (required) Anywhere in USA | Non-Part 107 pilot | No crashes, hard...
  10. K

    Failed firmware upgrade - failed to initialize camera

    Dear fellow Yuneec drone users, I tried to update the firmware of my Yuneec Typhoon H. It failed. Now I can not connect to the camera. I created a copy of the previous profile under model select. Did a new bind. It gets telemetry, but I get an error, that the camera cannot be initialized. When...
  11. Aero-Dynamics

    Typhoon H bundle for sale! £695

    This sale contains everything you would need for leisure use or for full professional and commercial use. I am including lots of OEM extras including four batteries, extra props, prop guards, hard case and Wizard GPS controller. Also includes ND filters, original box and manual, charger and all...
  12. Lucas Galli

    CGO3+ lens distortion correction

    Hello, folks! Since I first saw the crappy images that comes out of the CGO3+ I got really disappointed and almost regretted buying this thing. For a "distortionless" camera the output it is pretty awful. But I'll try to get the best out of it. Today I made some very basic tests to check how...
  13. Lucas Galli

    No fly zones discrepancy

    Hello everybody! Before anything I apologize for the (yet again) long post, but I think some context is needed. Since I bought my Typhoon H I had only perfomed bench tests and one take off test at an empty parking lot. Yesterday I tried, for the first time, to make a proper flight test in an...
  14. H

    LSD effect - light painting with drone

    Today for the first time i've tried light painting with drone, here is few best shots i've got. Camera: Lumix G7 / 12mm / f 3.5 Shutter: 60 seconds ISO: 200-800 Next time i'll go with some kind of subject, also didn't took CGO3+ today and after 3 years of using H480 i'v learned...
  15. Downtown Cedar Rapids Iowa

    Downtown Cedar Rapids Iowa

    Downtown Cedar Rapids Iowa on Memorial day May 25th 2020
  16. G

    ST-16 CONTROLLER discharges the battery

    Hello everyone, Taking the opportunity of this is a place where everybody helps each other, I would like to ask for your help for the following: I have an typhoon H, and the problem in my ST-16 CONTROLLER discharges the battery (not the drone) that it uses even when it's being turned off. I...
  17. Murray Martz

    Congratulations to Yuneec Skins!

    Congratulations are in order for @Yuneec Skins as he is now an Approved Vendor on the forum. Click the link ( HOBBY STORE Drones-RC Aircraft Parts-Accessories-Repair ) to see what he has to offer on his website and support him. There is quite the variety of items for most everyone. Murray
  18. B

    I need someone to share with me a copy of all the folders of the st16 to repair my st16

    I need someone to share with me a copy of all the folders of the st16 to repair my st16, I need all the root folders to be able to restore my st16 and terminate this problem that was caused by me by simply deleting my st16 please help me what I am doing is for my son to be happy again.....my...
  19. B

    Yuneec ST16 station Trasmitter missing files

    Only I need 2 important files and they are the following: Transmitter version and the radio version. if someone can share it here to be able to repair my st16 controller it will be of great help
  20. WTFDproject

    Link to "Way to Fix Drones project"

    The "Way to Fix Drones project" is a collection of member provided guidance related to several drone models. The document is contained within this link: "Way To Fix Drones project"