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typhoon h

  1. H

    Typhoon H commited suicide after 2 years of great friendship

    Very sad day in my life. I lost my friend, after 2 years. In this crazy times i went very far away from town to fly my Typhoon H. Weather was perfect. Perfect day. Middle of nowhere this happened: Typhoon H is now officialy dead. Brokent parts: Left landing gear 3x arms with mounts top and...
  2. Derrvish

    A solution for some GPS acquisition troubles

    Good day to all! I think I found a solution to the problem "acquiring satellites". The point is a small rechargeable battery on the unit GPS. The battery should have a voltage of 3 volts. However, after a long break in flights, I had a battery voltage of only 1.6 volts. After a long non-use of...
  3. A

    At last I've put a minute together!

    First compilation Please cc to your hearts content as I'm so new to this aerial footage and compilation and colour grading - OF WHICH THERE IS NONE I see faults and areas to improve as in the beginning I wasn't doing the white balance nor was I particular with the video settings. I'm...
  4. H

    How To Master Typhoon H?

    I have bought the Typhoon H a month ago and I am wondering how Can I Master Flying This Machine. I am located in Dallas, TX. Please, Advice! Thanks!
  5. JMolter

    ST16 froze mid-flight

    So here's what happened. It just snowed here in Wisconsin and I wanted to get a quick few pictures of the area but didn't have time to fully charge my Typhoon H battery, so I put it on the charger for around 45 minutes and then removed it and went to my flying spot. It was 23 degrees out when I...
  6. JMolter

    Controlling your drone when it gets out of control

    This came to mind as I was flying my H recently. The drone was toilet-bowling pretty bad and I tried everything to get it to stop but nothing worked. So it really took some major stick control on my end to land it without hitting anything or rolling over. The strong breeze didn't make it any...
  7. danomite24

    A short clip

    Hello everyone, just wanted to say hello to everyone.
  8. B

    My First Crash

    I was having a great afternoon practicing taking some real estate shots, (all personal stuff before I get my 107). In a brief lapse, I was looking at the ST16, and heard the terrible sound of props hitting tree branches. My H got hung up in a tree approximately 15 feet up. I was able to run...
  9. Quagmire LXIX

    North Fork Nooksack River in Mt Baker National Forest

    Been a while for real activity, but I'm firmly in Washington now and getting back into the fun. How has everyone been doing? Still flying the Typhoon H as she's been good to me and trying out some new software which is way better than what I was using, a lot of room and interest for me to get...
  10. A

    Typhoon H Powering on Issues.

    Hello! I'm currently having An issue where you try to power on the drone and only the camera turns on, no other function on the drone. Other issues are that the drone doesnt fully turn on and the blue light on the rear is very dim, again only the camera seems to be receiving power. I read an...
  11. Search & Rescue Skin

    Search & Rescue Skin

    Search & Rescue Skin/Wrap, Highly Reflective, Photoluminescent Vinyl, Extreme High Visibility, Improved VLOS, Improves Aircraft Orientation During Flight
  12. Typhoon H Reflective Skin

    Typhoon H Reflective Skin

    Yuneec Skins - Custom Typhoon H Skin/Wrap using Photoluminescent Reflective Vinyl Decals, Yuneec Skins makes the "Best Fitting, "Best Looking Typhoon H Skins...
  13. C

    Different Typhoon H Motors?

    Hello everyone, I am brand new to this forum but I knew it was the best place to find the answers I need. I bought a typhoon age w/RealSense about six months ago. I recently crashed it and had to purchase two replacement “A Arms.” I received the arms up and did all the repairs yesterday. After...
  14. L

    Flying from boat.

    Hello everyone, I have a small boat (20 feet or so) and I want to get some drone footage with my Typhoon H. I’ve tried taking it off from a much bigger boat before, but it wouldn’t work properly. It was pretty calm and the boat wasn’t moving much, but the drone could not get a GPS lock. I tried...
  15. Z

    Bahía Concha, Santa Marta, Colombia

    Hi everybody, Enjoy a video compilation of Bahía Concha, Santa Marta, Magdalena, Colombia. Taken with the Typhoon H Pro. Visit Bahía Concha: Bahía Concha in Google Maps You can follow me as @zoomhummer in Instagram, Youtube, Twitter...
  16. C

    How much could I sell my Typhoon H for?

    Hello, I was wondering how much I could sell my Typhoon H for? It is in good condition as it has been in an accident but fully replaced by YUNEEC. I have a like new STG16, along with CGO3+. I also have 4 batteries and 2 sets of propellers. It comes with a charger. It does not include...
  17. JulesTEO

    Rooftop Helipad flight

    Hello everyone, just wanted to share this brief video with some clips from a flight I performed a couple months ago. (ref. to this thread: flying with Compass magnetic Interference) Unfortunately the cameragirl on the ground wasn't very experienced with the camera so a lot of footage went to...
  18. dltan888

    HELP: Any case/bag for Typhoon H that meets airline requirements? Experiences? Issues? Suggestions?

    Are there any bags/cases you guys use for traveling with the Typhoon H on an airplane? I prefer CARRY ON LUGGAGE, but if you guys checked in your Typhoon H what bag/case did you also use to ensure it's safe? What Im currently looking at: Typhoon H Backpack (soft case small by Yuneec HUL...
  19. F

    Help on What Camera I Have

    Can someone please help me figure out if camera that was replaced on my drone is sane as original that came with drone when I purchased..My original camer had a silver "4k" logo and silver lining of lense,when I received replaces camrra aftsr repair,it had a black logo and lining lense.Will...
  20. JulesTEO

    Taking off from Helipad (flying with Compass magnetic Interference)

    Hello everyone, I just want to share with you a recent unusual experience. Nothing bad happened, but I found it worth sharing: This did not end up in a crash or anything, so don't expect a picture of a totaled Typhoon H ;) A few weeks ago I had the chance to perform an amazing flight: I was...