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I guess I am not alone

Dec 2, 2018
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I made another trip to kav. and when I got out of my car there were two q's flying overhead. They know me there now so I watched what turned out to be a newbie flying for the first time a q. His first flight was a drone flying test as a tester for kav. He did well and when landing he came close to having a slight problem we all know about. The camera rub when landing with a slight forward tilt. I cringed a bit but he was a tad lucky. I would love the gig and he smiled and said "job's yours". It was fun watching other q's flying around dodging hawks and trees. You wouldn't believe the testing field they use. Wow it's small with a very narrow field next to power lines and a road well used. Yesterday morning was a perfect day to fly there and they were backed up with q's to the max. I'm not happy that folks are having to send their drones to be repaired but I didn't feel as stupid afterwards. They're nice people and I hope you all will have good experiences with them. I know from reading complaints on the forum there have been problems but I would call them for help before yuneec. I'm looking forward trying to regain some sanity from recent drone problems. Flying today for sure!

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