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I love this bird! How about you other H owners?


Apr 23, 2016
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Just got in from flying this morning. Went about 18 minutes until first low battery warning. Flew it for another minute or two to land it. Did not get second warning. Beautiful flying. Want out to about 1,800 ft and still had good video. Did about 4 CCC round trip course flights. It worked superbly. Even though I had a few things that raised questions for me, all of my issues were resolved with the help of Yuneec's great customer service. I purchased the H because I liked the redundancy of being able to fly on five motors in case one went down. Also, the landing gear and 360 degree gimbal. After having about 30 to 40 flights, I have not been disappointed. Other H owners, tell us if and why you love your H.
I would 100% have to agree.
I know a few have had some issues that I feel are just growing pains and Yuneec will get them sorted out.
My only gripe ( seververal post about them) is the focus of the camera, several people including me have noticed that the camera is not 100% in focus. Very noticeable if you take a still (JPG) while the H is on a flat surface.
A few H drivers have sent their cameras back in to have it looked at. I am waiting to see what if anything Yuneec does to address the issue. As of right now the focus is NOT user repairable.
Have to admit, the H is real zippy when flown without the camera drag.
I am really enjoying flying my H, every flight has been perfect so far.

- I'm not sure I truly see the benefit of a rotating camera or retractable landing gear...coming from flying a Phantom 3, I was able to pan the camera easily enough. When flying my H, I have found myself leaving the landing gear down and rotating the drone to get my panned shots anyway...old habits I guess.
- Love the integrated screen in the controller, this is a leap ahead in stability and compatibility over the phantoms
- wish I had more batteries so I could be out longer and try more features...I have 3 more on order and hope they trickle in over the next few weeks
- not sure about the benefit of having 6 motors on the premise that its a great backup if one goes out...but seeing the stability it has in the wind and power it has is more reassuring.
- wish documentation was more robust...its a decent manual....but many of the things I have learned through this forum have exceeded the information from the manual.
- wish I understood the capabilities of the camera more....I compare my shots against some that others have posted and I wonder if I have a camera issue or if its a lack of understanding of the various settings...would like to see a comprehensive write-up of that
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Loving mine so far, although I have been flying low as I don't really trust it yet coming from various Phantoms. Stable, great camera, retractable landing gear etc.... Haven't had a single problem yet but I'll be testing it out for real this weekend as I'm headed for a road trip. Now if only i could mount something that will scare away the red tail hawks, i'll be golden.
I think Yuneec is using us to develop the manual more. It is a good photog platform. Flies well and very stable and responsive. It has not been a mistake for me
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After a rocky start, I'm beginning to get accustomed to her. Last flight was great and I really enjoyed it. Need more batteries!
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Well I took my bird out for the second day with only one battery (waiting for more to arrive someday). Anyway I tried several things out and so far everything is going smooth.
I always wondered why when first time flyers put up their first flight video, they don't move the H around , you know keep it in one spot for awhile
then move a few feet. I wanted to see more. Well that is why I didn't want to share my first video, because I know what they are going through
their first flight. I was the same way, afraid to move a control in the wrong direction, but after the first time I felt a little more comfortable.
It really almost fly's itself. I am a happy camper...
Been on three flights with mine. Loving it so far. Only problem I have had with this one (first one had to go back due to being damaged in transit) is that using the JOUR mode the photos have not saved and also when I lose wifi video stops recording. But its such a cool product. Lots of interest from people at the park
love this bird...but sometimes lost video connection or the slow flight don't work perfect at moment
I've enjoyed perhaps 10 flights so far:

Typical battery life 19 - 20 mins
Lots of power, responds quickly to control input, goes where you point it.
Love the ST16 remote, bright display looks great. Like the way they did the hood for the screen.
Great video seems a bit better than the camera on my Q500 4K. Photos not as good as the video.
Easy to setup and fly. Mounting the props is easy as heck.
360 unobstructed gimbal makes for new and creative shots

The only issue I've had so far is stubborn video and photo buttons that don't always work on the first press.

Very pleased so far. Happy with the purchase.
12 flights on mine. Loving it! Super video and so stable in the air. Quite fast and quiet. I feel confident at flying at very low and higher altitudes. I like the controller and the ability to read distance and altitude etc. Also the very short video lag and the ability to change the camera settings. l have had WiFi drop out regularly when the camera stops recording too. That's my only issue.
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