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Is there anyone breaking a Yuneec Typhoon H for spares?

If you can't find an OEM arm, you may be able to replace just the carbon tube and reuse the two ends.
The tube itself is 12x10 glossy carbon fiber. One link is added below to illustrate, but there are lots of others.
The end pieces can be an issue to remove. Cut away the plastic rivet, push the rivet out, and twist. However, there was GREAT variation in the type and amount of adhesive used. On one extreme there was little or no adhesive and the pieces break apart by a moderate twist. On the other extreme it is impossible to break the adhesive. And it is difficult to ream out the broken tube due to the shape of the part.
Possibilities and would suggest calling or email these:

Search for Typhoon H arms on eBay UK:


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