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It's Official FAA 107

Brings back fond memories of when I studied and took my private pilot written exam. At least you are well prepared should you ever decide to take the next big step to become a private or sport pilot. As much as I love flying drones, flying fast planes like Bonanzas and Cirrus is a rush in spite of the additional costs.
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By symbols I mean differentiating between Class C/D/E airspace by the color or the circles and dotted vs shaded and the upper and lower altitudes of each space at different points. I have a general understanding but some of their examples were from highly populated areas of the US with intersecting airspaces of maybe 5 or 6 various sized airports and multiple obstructions (like towers) there too. I don't understand the airspaces to that level of detail.

Exactly Ken, you expanded on my use of the word stymied :)
The FAA has a free online document that shows the breakdown for all the different symbology of charts. Here is the link:

FAA Aeronautical Chart User's Guide

You can also buy a print copy at a local aviation store. I use this all the time as a pilot since there are so many symbols to memorize and we don't even use them all the time as pilots!

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