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Learning about LiPo batteries

Question about the Yuneec lipos...do you need to put them in a battery bag when charging? The dealer where I purchased my Yumeec 4k Said no because they are in a case already.
T or F?
Let me ask you this.
If there's a LIPO fire, is the plastic battery case going to contain it?

I bag mine while charging, driving, and storing. That's just me.
Why do they not make this info known when you buy these products? The charger they include is obviously going to lead to a shorter life span of the batteries......n/m just answered my own question. :mad:

Hopefully the damage isn't too great, 2 of the 4 batteries I have exhibit a tiny bit of puffiness, not ballooned, I just happen to grab one and I could feel it depress a little where the other two feel solid.
Why do they not make this info known when you buy these products?

There's warnings with the literature, but I didn't known about the potential dangers or damage with LiPo's until I did more research.

That's why I posted the 4 best videos I've seen to help others. It's killing me doing the 10/10 break in process. I want to fly longer! But soon I'll be past 10 on my 3 batteries.

I picked up a dual charger that really helps getting them get to the 3.8v storage voltage. And it charges 2 packs at once quickly.

A decent charger with proper connectors, ammo can, 3 LiPo bags, spare props and I feel confident I'm done spending money for awhile. :)

Well, wait, I might have to upgrade my computer to handle the video editing.

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I have a hobby grade charger, never understood what all the settings and numbers were about until I saw the videos, thanks for likely saving my batteries.
Definitely going to get a fire bag as well.
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Little update and more confusion, As previously mentioned, 2 of my 4 batteries had a very tiny amount of puff (under the battery stickers), both sides. At that point I had fully charged all batteries and they have sat unused for maybe 2 weeks or so.

Well I created a log to do the break in properly 10x10 and put the first one in and took her up, ran it 10 and shut down, took the battery out and the puff was double what it was when first inserted.:eek:

After about 30 mins cool down the puff was back down to what it was preflight. Hopefully I can stop or reverse any more damage when the ec3 cable comes in for my balance charger.
I've recently found an Android app called RC BATTERY WATCHER.
It's a decent free logging system.

Regarding your puffy batts. Contact Yuneec, batteries are warrantied for a short period of time. Maybe there's something they might do. It's a long shot, but it couldn't hurt to ask.
Regarding your puffy batts. Contact Yuneec, batteries are warrantied for a short period of time. Maybe there's something they might do. It's a long shot, but it couldn't hurt to ask.

Well here's the rest of the story, I bought the set that came with aluminum case, the hand held thing and 2 batteries, the issue is I also purchased 2 batteries off ebay that stated they were new but not from Yuneec.

I don't know which ones are which. I wouldn't feel right if I tried to make a claim on something they didn't sell me.
Ahh. Understood.
Good for you for being honest.

I've read that it's best to buy batteries from known sources. Like Amazon, hobby shops, or Yuneec.
I finally got my cable and sure enough the first battery tested one cell is way off from the other two. Have it on balance mode right now so hopefully it'll level out.

Found the warnings about li-po that came with it, had to use a magnifying glass and a 600 lumen light to read it :rolleyes:

Yuneec should include a decent balance charger and charge the extra $$ than put these things out with that cheapo charger that leaves you in the dark about what's what considering li-po are so volatile.
Yuneec did include a good balance charger, it just does not have a discharge or storage feature. Yuneec, DJI, and all the other companies out there with proprietary batteries are banking on you not knowing how to take care of your batteries, and buying more $10 batteries from them at $100-$200. That is how they stay in business, spooky prices for consumables and parts.

That 10 for 10 is subjective. They really should have given a math formula so you know what voltage to stop at based on battery specs - and then how do you know if you are voltage under load, how much load, or parked voltage? I only watched the first video, and had already seen the second.

I've got one that got warm, not hot, after 10 min of full throttle and has the slight puffy under the label as well (wind ended my day and I had 1.5 batteries to return to drain, and my Tenergy charger was making a career of draining them down).

All three of mine have been flown to first battery warning then switched out, and returned to storage voltage since I got them. Only on my 4th cycle now.
I agree with your thoughts on 10/10 being subjective. But the idea makes sense.
The cost of these batteries hurts, that's why I'm trying to learn how to make them last longer. And they're potentially dangerous. :eek:
There's so many thoughts on proper battery storage conditions. Fully charged, kinda charged, or 3.8v storage charge, warm, cold, or room temp storage.
The manufacturer sends them to us at 3.8v.

After researching, I store mine at 3.8v in a LIPO bag that's in a vented ammo can at room temp.
Watch the third video. There's good info there.
Happy flying! :)
I've been using Lipo batteries for years, first in R/C cars that I raced now in Quads. I've found that storing them in their "need a charge" state meaning after I've run them and they weren't producing adequate power has been fine. I never checked the actual voltage remaining, but I've never had one "puff" or kill a cell from that.
The times I've had swelling or a dead cell has been from storing them fully charged.

If I know I'm not going to use my batteries for say 6 months or more I store them in an ammo can too.

Regarding that 10/10. First I've heard but it does somewhat match what I noticed that my lipos seemed to perform better (slightly longer run times and longer at peak power) after I had used/cycled them about half a dozen times.

On a side note I quit racing R/C cars about 3 years ago and just got into Quads a couple months ago. While looking through my RC stuff I found the ammo can with the Lipos. All 6 batteries looked fine, no swelling. For grins I put them on the charger and they all took a charge. I ran two packs and they seemed fine. Didn't time them to see if they performed as well as 3 years ago. But there was no obvious degradation...
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