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Motor Temps and prop hub temps

Jul 23, 2016
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OK so I wanted to do some test as I have picked up a second hand 500+ with 10 flights on it [emoji15] . Well put it up for a test flight and it flew fine but the hubs were real hot. So below I did a test with my zeal 500 frame and this second hand one. Results are below what are your thoughts, I think I have a motor going bad which would be #3. I think the #1 motor being a tad loose has caused it to start to go south. I used venom batteries and the same props for each unit. I hovered and flew forward flight for 10 minutes no hard flying Zeal
1motor 110 degrees f. Prop hub 108.5 degrees f
2motor 111.5 degrees f prop hub 110.5 degrees f
3motor 111.5 degrees f prop hub 109 degrees f
4motor 111 degrees f prop hub 107.5 degrees f
Battery venom 6000mah 35% left 107 degrees f 11.42 volts after a 10 minute flight
Second hand q500+
1motor 104 degrees f prop hub 127 degrees f
2motor 107 degrees f prop hub 127 degrees f
3motor 121 degrees f prop hub 115 degrees f
4motor 109 degrees f prop hub 128 degrees f
Battery venom 6000mah 35% left 111.5 degrees f 11.42 volts left fter 10 minute flight.What's your thoughts on the second machine. I believe without opening it up that I imagine the plastic tabs on the motor are broke which is causing it to move a little. Which makes me wonder if that is causing the number three to work harder and causing premature failure.

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i also take the temp of my motors some times just to see if one is running a little hotter then the others and that's all i look for ,today the temperature outside was about 92 and sunny after a 15 minute flight the motors were about 10 to 15 degrees above the 92 degrees . a lot depends on the outside temp , wind conditions and balanced props , one motor may work a little harder to keep the GPS concordance lock . if your motors are quite an the shaft turns smooth with out any movement i would think it's OK . if you feel that the motor is going south , change it .
fly safe
Yeah thanks i think im going to replace #3 motor it still has a little play on the shaft and none of the others do. Thanks

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I had the exact situation with my Q500+, the number three motor was noticeably hotter than the other three after a flight. I called Yuneec and they recommended I send it in as it is still under warranty. I got it back in just under 4 weeks and the work notes in the box said that they had replaced the number three ESC. Mine flew perfectly fine before, and now after the trip to California. Number three motor still seems a little warmer than the others though. Unlike what you described though I can detect no play in the motor shafts after forty or so flights. I've have a 4K as well and all four prop hubs, to the touch anyway, seem to be pretty even temperature wise.
Yeah I called yuneec today and asked what the operating temps are and waiting on a callback. I am going to convert this one to a zeal frame as well. I didn't think about shooting the temps on the hubs until I touched one and it was very hot. This could be why people earlier were having issues with the shafts and hubs staying together and not being able to remove the prop. But either way I have 4 new motors and esc's coming from Carolina dronz to go into the zeal frame. I will part the rest of the 500+ out.

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Hi Guys,

Question on this heat issue. I have a Q500 and my motors run average no real heat build up like you are mentioning. This might be trevial but how much do you torque down your props? If more than a half turn after finger tight you are torquing down way to much. This causes heat and premature failure. Im sure this is not the case with long time pilots but thought I would mention it. I torque down with the small rubber o rings no more than 1/4 to 1/2 turn after snug fit. Are you carrying extra gear or just stock and if so is your copter center balanced? This will also cause heating issues on one or 2 motors depending on how off you are with the center balance. Lastly I'm not a big fan of having the motors down in the round holders but does look cool, but without circulation will run much warmer.


Yeah my motor temps were from a stock q500+ white frame. I don't use the tool and run the props down to the o ring then give them a 1/4 turn. I have 2 q500 and this one runs hotter than the other. I say that as I used the same props off the white on the zeal and the hubs were cool. I am not carrying any extra weight on them. I did find one of the motors loose and the esc plug starting to pull away from the board. I will just toss that motor and esc as I have torn down the white 500 waiting on a rakon frame. I wish I could find specs for these motors though

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Yes I know what you mean I have looked all over for specs to check performance specs in eCal but have been unable to find real specs on these. If you are running real hot that's and esc issue causing the heat but you should be able to hear that esc whining possibly also. I even sent a email to Yuneec and they said everything is proprietary information which is a first just to get info to run eCal performance figures...


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I had the same issue with my Q500+, I was still under warranty so I sent it into Yuneec. I was concerned because I live in AZ and outside temps are over 100 anyway, but there was a 20 degree difference in on motor on a regular basis. Then I got real sick (septic shock) and couldn't fly for a long time, good thing I always discharge batteries for storage mode. Next time I flew it was first time from getting it back, on second flight drone just cut off in air and fell on take off. Every since I got it back I began having short flight times, I'm talking six minutes max, long story short, it's back at Yuneec waiting to be seen. Shipping cost would have bought me a another q500.
Yeah i have removed that one hot motor and and esc and just tossed them in the trash

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