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My apologies if I have gotten too detailed about a simple question. I blame my brain.
Not at all, it all makes sense. Thanks for the ideas and the links. I already have some U.FL to SMA cables of various lengths to play around with. I like @Vaklin's idea of top mounting an external antenna, makes more sense. I never liked the location of the GPS antenna in either the ST16s or the ST16 for the H480. It is easily obscured by the operators body. Something I always wanted to relocate, but never got around to it. Looks like now's the time!

As far as AliExpress goes, I don't like to order from China, you might save a couple of bucks, but it takes way to long to get the item.
Yeah, I have not had my H+ very long and had not ventured inside the controller to see where the GPS antenna is mounted. Certainly not optimal right against the body. I like @Vaklin 's mod. Right now I have good signal, so I will hopefully not need to mod anything until the warranty is out.

That antenna with a direct connection is nice. I have used one for a GPS tracker in model rocketry that us a little stub and it worked well for that. Not a good ground plane, but the helical coil ones work good in a configuration where they can point straight up.
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Here's the promised update on the GPS issue.
I ordered one of the GPS modules and antenna from Amazon just for the antenna, like @Omnitest recommended. It arrived today and I gave the new antenna a try. No joy. It will not connect even after multiple power-cycles. The original antenna was still connecting occasionally.

There is some good news, my #2 ST16s seems to have gotten past the intermittent GPS phase and is connecting every time now. So at this point I have no idea what I can do to fix the issue, so I will probably not pursue fixing ST16s #1 which as I mentioned still connects occasionally. I will swap the joystick knobs and Steady Drive over from #1 to #2 and reverse the rolls between flight controller and gimbal/camera controller. I should be good to go until #2 starts to have problems again. Fingers crossed
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