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Sep 5, 2015
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Argyle, texas
Hey guys - we recently launched a new product reviews section of the site where you can post a review/rating of your drone, accessory, parts, etc.. This will help Yuneec newbies determine which products are best for them.

Please take a minute to rate and review the products you own. Let us know if you have any feedback or additional products, parts, accessories, etc.. you'd like us to add.

Check it out at ... Yuneec Product Reviews | Yuneec Drone Forum


I give my Yuneec Q500 4K a -2 out of 10.
Bought it 12/12/15, full price with 4 batteries, wizard, case and fancy charger from Hobby Town.
I am private pilot, 60 yo, very safe, years of RC exp.
Bird has dropped out of the sky and been returned to Yuneec for repair 6 times. I have had it in my possession for a total of 3 weeks. Yuneec has had it for 6 months.
Each time I send video and telemetry data they reply not pilot error and send me a new machine.
Each time it crashes immediately.
This time they told me that yes it malfunctioned but it is now out of warranty???????
It is only 3 weeks old.
I will never spend another cent on a Yuneec product.
That great customer service they had at the beginning of the year has turned to crap.
I am filing a law suit against them on Monday if they don't give me my $2,000 back and take this crap back.

If anyone has similar exp. please contact me.

sp 80549 at yahoo.
Every post he's made on this forum is the same thing. Obviously not everyone shares his experiences.

On another note, the 4k review page, there's a minor error. The last line reads taking photos at 16mp, instead of 12 (the spec list underneath does list it as 12 mp correctly though).
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