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ST-16 anti-glare screen protector recommendation

Apr 27, 2016
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Does anyone have a recommendation for an anti-glare screen protector in the US?
I'm going to try the same one I use on my Nexus 7. It's 7" so should fit the ST16 nicely I believe. Here is the link on the Canadian Amazon:

(Note that I have not tried this on the ST16 yet but it works find on the Nexus 7 for outdoor glare).

Fosmon Anti-Glare (Matte) Screen Protector for the Google Nexus 7 - 3 Pieces (Fosmon Retail Packaging): Amazon.ca: Electronics

FYI - I ordered this yesterday but CAPTAINDRONE reported in another thread that I'll have to trim it because it's too long. I can probably do that okay on my rotary trimmer but I'm wondering if anybody else has found something.
I took mine off, I didn't like it. Made it to dull looking.......I guess that is what it is suppose to do.
I put an Invisibleshield for a Samsung 7.7 on mine so it wouldn't get scratched
Seems to work well and no problem with touch screen. Had to trim it with an Xacto knife.
firmware won't increase the quality of the panel, it is probably maxed out already you would think.
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Let us know if it works
I just chatted with the company and they pointed out that they already offer one for the Yuneec ST16, no need to make one yourself. $18 + $3.25 shipping for the DayVue film. I'll give it a try.

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Let me know how it works! if you ordered on Harvey!:) I never have had luck with sunscreens in the past, but If you think it's great!, I will buy one too!
This one is a pricey one and some of the photo examples (i.e., GPS on the boat) were convincing enough that I ordered. Will report back next week.
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