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ST10+ Hidden Menus Flight Log Settings

Jan 5, 2023
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Florida, USA
I am looking for some info related to the ST10+ hidden menus. I understand the ST10(+) uses a flavor of Linux/Android apparently modified from a cell phone implementation. I want to understand whether certain hidden settings under 'Android Version>Hidden Menu>AppSettings' menu are needed, specifically the 'Call Forward Query', 'BT Switch', and 'Modem Reset' which are set after a factory reset. Any insight into the 'Log Settings', specifically the 'Application' and 'Modem' log settings which are also set after a factory reset would be helpful. If not needed, I would usually disable a setting since it may add Android overhead and responsiveness delay, but not disable it if it is needed to record the flight logs. I presume the following hidden menu items are required for the ST10(+) to document the various flight logs to the MicroSD: 'Log Settings>SLogUI>General' 'General Switch>On' and 'General Switch>Log path>SDCard'. I would like to understand the correct settings for when a flight log is/is not needed, how many flight log files are kept (20 ?), and how/when the flight logs are deleted/overlaid or initially created. It is apparent that inserting a newly formatted MicroSD card is blank and does not have the flight logs and that the ST10+ Android adds the fight logs sometime after initialization, assuming the log settings are correct. After a factory reset, are the default hidden log settings correct to create the flight logs or are some settings needing to be changed to allow the flight logs recording? I generally like to investigate when available settings are defined, what they affect and how they are used. Usually when a vendor allows settings to be available, they are meant to be available for change. I am aware that Yuneec may not have documented the hidden settings for public use, but any help on the path of discovery is always helpful. Knowing which hidden settings are needed is especially useful when purchasing a 'used' ST10+ that has been factory reset'. I have so many questions, but if the info is not available, in the words of Emily Litella, 'Never mind'.
All the settings you mention are Android settings. I'm not an expert and don't know the Android internals. But however, I would not change anything there. BT switch seems to be something that belongs to Bluetooth. Since ST10 has no Bluetooth this may not have any influence. For me it looks that ST10 developer didn't touch Android standard settings that are unused by them.

What I can imagine is the SlogUI setting for SD card. The whole flight log generation is done in flightmode app but this app uses Android function to read and store files. If SlogUI belongs to all that files it will have influence (IF, but not sure). Also this I would not change.
The file system offers only SD card for external access and only the LOST.DIR directory was created by Android OS. The other directories will be created by flightmode app.

You can delete FlightLog directory and it will be created again if flight logs shall be written. However, flight logs are always needed. I move them from SD card to my PC to archive it. Flight logs are good for debugging, system check (battery ageing, stick calibration and so on) and logbook.

In the past the source code (st10-v01b31c-master) from ST10 was available on github, but it was removed for some reason. The Android settings are mentioned in the "EngineeringModel" but not in the code from the apps (FlightLauncher, ST15FlightMode, ST15Tools). A fork from this FW is still here:
GitHub - YON3Z/st10-v01b31c: Yuneec st10+v01b31c - good luck ;)

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