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ST16 lost Time & WiFi Settings

Jul 17, 2023
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Hi everybody,

last week, i buy a used H520 with ST16 Controller. Great drone, but the controller seems to be broken or have a software problem. It losts the Time and my (Internet) Wifi everytime i power on the controller.
Is there a fix or update for this problem?

Thanks for your help.
Yes. but it happens too when i shut down the controller and power on it seconds later, time and wifi lost.
Something in the controller is changed. When you remove the battery the time should be gone. There is no secondary battery. But only with the switch, the time should be preserved. About the network, check the settings in pad mode as a usual Android device.
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Hmm, this sound strange. Never heard about such a behavior before. I would assume it is either a problem with the battery, in power management of battery charger or a SW problem.
To exclude a SW problem I would start to reinstall the ST16 SW (Android and controller app. Do a factory reset before. Maybe after factory reset the problem is gone but I doubt.
Then reinstall Android from SD card and after that reinstall Yuneec-App-Release.apk.

Here are good explanations how to do that. Please use search function in this forum.

br HE

Found it: St16s manual firmware update
I´m a newbie on Yuneec, what is "Pad Mode"?
Okay, when i back home today, i will try a factory reset.
Reading this I thought I would check mine, holds time after switch off , looses it after remove battery, but losses Wifi link with switch off. might try a full reset. Some time since I have used it, last time I had a funny error about needing to calibrate GPS, could not, would not accept default password. Shortly before that one last use. I had an error come up about connections, at the time of a solar flare hitting.

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