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Things I have learned so far for us Newbies

May 10, 2016
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Melvin Michigan, In the thumb
1) Never take off in Smart mode.
2) Very stable in flight and hover, does very well in wind, had it up in 20 MPH winds today holds it's ground well.
3) Plan your escape routes. By this I mean if you fly way out, have alternate places to land if you do not have enough battery to make it back. 400 feet up and 1/2 mile away takes time to fly back and descend
4) 1 battery is not enough, I have 2 and want 2 more.
5) When landing, hold the throttle full down on touchdown and.hold it there, motors will go to idle in about 2 seconds.
6) It is not a speed demon, it can go quick and maneuver, but not at the speed and agility of smaller craft. I broke two props trying to dance around the trees in my yard. 2 feet off the ground.
7) Take your time, I spent the first 3 flights just flying, many landings and take offs, flying circles, climb, dive, hover. Check out the difference between TURTLE and RABBIT mode.
8) Plan photografic flights to learn the camera controls. Spent an entire battery tonight filming a sunset, whole time I was trying different camera settings Took time to trust that the H was in the sky right where I left it.
9) Take your time to learn, keep a paper log of what you did, the camera settings you used.
10) Know your surroundings, power lines, guy wires, trees and birds can jump out of nowhere.
11) Take things in steps, the H and Wizard has SO many features it takes time to learn the all.
12) Ask questions BEFORE you make a costly mistake. There are many experienced drone pilots and camera operators on here and a few REPs from Yuneec.
13) HAVE A BLAST, I have had RC Planes, Gliders, and a couple of quads. The H is the most fun to fly thing I have owned.

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