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Typhoon H

Feb 3, 2023
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My Typhoon H is beeping when I turn it on. I have ignored the warning and took off and is zoomed off to the right. Please tell me what I need to do to fix this problem.
The drone is beeping and I went to hardware and Side to Side on the right stick is sticking. Do you know how to fix think? Thank you.
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That still did not work just took the st16 apart and did exactly what you said. Is there something else I can do?
It's a little risky, but you could try a calibration. This is where many folks have messed up their controllers from not understanding one key point. When moving from one part of the calibration to the next, both control sticks, both sliders, and the Yaw Knob HAVE TO BE CENTERED.
This video by @Steve Carr shows the process:
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You might want to try swapping stuff around to see if the gimbal is the problem or if it is something else. A couple of things you could try:
  • Some ST16's had enough wire so you could just swap the connectors on the right-hand gimbal (Left-hand side when looking from the back) to see if the problem shifts to J3.
  • IF swapping the two wires on the same gimbal won't work, it's not real hard to swap the entire left and right gimbals to see if the problem shifts to J2.
Probably cheaper to replace than repair. If you've tried all the tricks and are not sure what is at fault, it becomes something of a gamble to either replace the right-side gimbal, the main board or send it for repair.
Thanks for the advice. Tried the calibration again and it worked! Took it out to fly today worked perfect! Again THANK YOU!!!!!!!
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How do you update the software, like how do u get to it on the website?
Power up the ST16 and the aircraft with the camera attached. Then go to Settings, About Controller and compare your screen to this one.
If your versions are the same or higher then you are up to date. This is the latest firmware for the ST16, aircraft, camera, and gimbal. It was released in March of 2017 and no further updates were released after that. Some of the last cameras produced had gimbal firmware V1.27 (as I recall), and that version is not released to the public.
Just ran into this same problem with a brand new ST 16 remote after the 2nd time flying. Wow, what a weird sound emitted by the drone. It sounds like if you keep it running its going to explode.

Thanks for already covering this in great detail. I also couldn’t get J3/4 to work properly (meaning it wouldn’t calibrate. Kept failing.). Had to remove the back of the controller and clean the pots.

Soon I will have run into every possible problem with this drone and overcome them, via this forum.
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