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***UPDATE*** Typhoon H Rebuild

I don't think so. They are "self adjusting" to a certain extent, in that they will get closer and closer to each other in the max up and max down positions during each cycle following maintenance, . But I think ultimately, full travel to the travel stops will be the final permanent adjustment.
I suppose I can trim a bit off the foam landing pads, these are smaller. I'll try these.
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I updated this post this morning. Also, I noticed my landing gear that does work only goes halfway up. What could be the problem?

Does it go up like its fully retracted and then drops down slightly? If so, you need to replace the landing gear servo assembly, The fork that rides the screw is broken.

Like this

Sorry for late response. Just flipped it upside down and got it to work like I saw on YouTube. I will have to see if it works in flight correctly now

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