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"Waterproof" carry case for wand Typhoon H

Jun 25, 2016
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Too bad Mr P took his post down. There may have been something we could learn there. I looked with some suspicion at that cover. It looks like you could get some unexpected results from button pushes but I am not one to strap that on and go get on a jet ski like the ad's show so if I were gonna try the walk thing, I would put it in my hand or a on a bike put it in a little carrier on the bike handle. I have not tested that cover yet or even looked at it. Love to hear from someone who uses the waterproof wand cover.

I have had H for 1 Week and 2 weekends and doing all my risky function testing with the droid tied down to a Black and Decker Workmate. "You know the type where you go, I wonder what would happen if I do THIS". I have ONLY played with the wand with the drone tied down.

So far the drone has been flawless for me. The errors I have made were always me not reading the manual ir failing to perform a proper preflight. Biggest problem for me is only having one battery. I want to learn something on 1 flight and then practice what I learned on the next and the next but that is always tommorow. Ugh. Got one on order.

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