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We should ask Yuneec to replace our CGO3+ to meet what they advertise now even a low cost new comer


Apr 20, 2016
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we should ask Yuneec to replace theCGO3+ to meet what they advertise, the poor still picture quality and the video are not clear. The quality of the camera did not meet what they charge(Claim), at least the video quality must same as DJI P4
Like lots of us who weren't as lucky as David you'll have to wait till yuneec offers a fix or void your warranty and diy lens swap. It's great that some owners got a correctly focused camera but for those that didn't every time you fly and see the footage it can make you angry. Many who received a good camera can't relate to our frustration. Call customer support and talk to them and inquire about a fix or replacement.
Although this is in Chinese please view the video taken by the low cost 4K drone(it a rainy day light light)
Even the low cost drone from mobile phone maker xiaomi their video quality is much more better than our TH, Yuneec please do something for the pre order early bird buyer

This isn't better than the H though, the 1080 60p video looked about as good as the webcam on my laptop, all mushy and not very sharp. Almost looked like computer game graphics when it was in motion. Not very impressive. (I watched the one with Mozart's Eine Kliene Nachtmusik soundtrack)
Have you verified that same quality with someone else with another computer? I'm not denying people might be having issues with a camera. However, I also know that not all computers can handle playback of certain qualities (the same way that 4k shows laggy very bad on some computers and some software players). So just saying that there might be some overlap between a camera issue, and what people might think are camera issues that are more related to viewing back on something that doesn't handle it as well.
wish it was something that simple but sadly it's not at least in my case. Still frames from video and raw dng files both reveal soft focus. Also since the bit rate isn't that high my pc has very little trouble playing back the files. CS told me a fix is coming that he hinted the user would have to do themselves. Also they're testing the new firmware that should be out end of July.

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