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Why does this always happen

Dec 24, 2015
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Bought my Typhoon......had high winds since it arrived last week.
Same thing happened when I got my first r/c plane 20 some years ago.
When I got my first telescope it was cloudy and or raining for 2 weeks.
I seem to be cursed.
Your not cursed. It happens to every one! My telescope brought the most horrible storm ever. It lasted for a week!
Too windy to fly again today, so I flew it tonight, took it up over the back yard buzzed around about 6 or 7 minutes and landed safely. So at least I know it flies. And the lights are great for night flight. Next weekend the wind is supposed to be gone so I can start having some fun with it.
I bet it felt great to fly it. I had a Blade 350qx3 before this. One of the things I was impressed with in the Typhoon was how docile it was to fly. It seems to handle itself really well. I flew some on Friday to test some video settings. It was breezy. I watched it hover about 30 feet off ground and you could see the landing gear tilting, it was correcting itself and compensating for the wind. The video was smooth as silk.
It's been windy enough to blow tractor trailers over around here, up 80 mph gusts, maybe if I go buy a kite the wind will be calm.
Sounds all too familiar. I have a dual string stunt kite that uses kevlar lines, probably 200 lb test. The kite requires plenty of space and brisk winds to do its thing.. Since I can't fly it on my own property (not enough space) I used to put the kids and the kite in the car and head out to an open space. I could leave the house during a hurricane and by the time we arrived at a park or the beach, it was dead calm! I could run up and down trying to get the kite launched and it would not happen. It didn't matter when and where we went, I could stop all wind and air movement anywhere.
Now if I took my RC helicopter or something that required calmer air....you could bet your bottom dollar that the reverse would hold true.

Instead of giving up I pushed through and doubled up. I bought a small 28 foot sail boat. Surely that would sail with the wind...Not if I went out. By the time we reached the marina I would be motoring out of the harbor, motoring in the Gulf and motoring back!

I think I have a solution finally. I am going to start packing my drones and kites and go on the sail boat and have my wife follow me with the Whaler and see if I can trap Mother Nature into making up her mind. I have to win this battle somehow.

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