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You are not dealing with Yuneec, you are dealing with a service contractor. Try to find out contact information relative to your case in Syracuse and discuss the problem with Yuneec USA.
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I have been wanting to check in with you about this case.

I was out flying with a friend November 3rd when my TH480 stopped responding to the controller as I was bringing it back in to change batteries.
All of a sudden I noticed it coming down... FAST! The motors were still turning, and I still had camera signal, but no matter what I did, it wouldn't respond to the sticks.
The battery voltage had JUST changed from 14.7 to 14.6 volts, and I was about 30 yards from where I needed to be to land when it happened.
It hit the ground... HARD, breaking 3 motor arms, the camera came off, (thankfully it was unharmed when it hit the grass) one of the landing struts was in splinters, and the retract was not working any more.

I decided to send it into Yuneec, even though I had bought it used (which I mentioned to them when I spoke to them on the phone). I told them that I could repair the physical damage to the drone myself, but wanted to be sure that this would not happen again if there was a problem with the flight controller, or the receiver in the bird itself or any other electronic components (I wanted to know the CAUSE!). To my surprise, they sent me a RMA return label for the shipping on their dime.

They have had my unit since November 9th.

I just received an e-mail from them today... my drone is fixed, and on its way home!
Cost to me $0!!!!

Maybe it will be here by Christmas? :)

Yuneec DOES rule!
I support Yuneec customer service. If you treat them rite they will treat you right See my video KK Motion Pictures Yuneec
On YouTube
I encourage patience based on my experience this year. Thanks and kudos to Yuneec's repair company in Kansas City this past Summer, the Red Baron is flying once again to take some spectacular photos. And, at no cost to me after a catastrophic loss of power! It was really hard to watch this magnificent bird free-fall approx. 70 feet and then literally explode on impact. Note that user error (battery may not have been fully inserted) is quite possible.


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