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  1. WTFDproject

    Link to "Way to Fix Drones project"

    The "Way to Fix Drones project" is a collection of member provided guidance related to several drone models. The document is contained within this link: "Way To Fix Drones project"
  2. Hailey's Crazy Daddy

    For Sale CGO3 YUNEEC Q500 camera

    If anybody's interested in the camera it's located in Central Florida It comes with a set of four filters I'll let it go for $250 shipped only in the lower 48
  3. WTFDproject

    CGo3 pointing hard Right (or Left)

    The attached PDF was developed to assist a forum member who had bought a used and “user repaired” CGo3. The camera was pointing right, bumped against the mount frame, and the Yaw (top) motor trying to turn it further. The problem was the prior owner had apparently misaligned the mounting screws...
  4. Nobel Drones

    Replacement part for the CGO3+

    I Crashed my CGO3+ due to sensor failure and i wanted to know if they sell the replacement for the whole camera starting right under the dampers/stabilizer/gimbal (part B) the top part (Part A) was unharmed but the actual camera part is finished do they sell a reaplacement part for this? Here is...
  5. W

    Instructions to remove the CGO3 from my new Typhoon H

    I was instructed by one of the guru's here to remove my camera for my first few flights in case I have an "uh oh" moment, there by saving damage on the most expensive part. I realize the manual has absolutely no information on how to remove the camera and don't want to start to get creative and...
  6. Brenakie

    Camera Tethering

    Hi All, Just wondering if anyone had tried tethering their CGO3 camera mount? My thinking is in the unlikely event of a crash it won't totally break away and keep the wiring intact? I did crash a couple of times, once the camera did separate from the mount but was lucky that the wiring did...
  7. useitorloseit

    Unbelievable deal you HAVE to look at if you fly Yuneec Typhoon products

    So I am selling two of my Yuneec Typhoon H pro models, One of wihk is in MINT condition and I have had zero issues out of. the total package comes with as follow. 1.Yuneec Typhoon H Pro, several flights with all telemetry data saved to UAV Toolbox so you can essentially look up every flight...
  8. Wingshooter

    Q5004k -vs- Typhoon H and the Camera Differences

    Does anybody know or have experience enough to list the differences between the two camera's from the Q5004k and the Typhoon H? Specifically the settings that can be manipulated during flight like ISO etc...... Are the video's better? Also are the actual pictures / video that noticeably better...
  9. AdrianoMTL

    Yuneec Typhoon G Sunset Photos .....

    Just have some shoots in wind speed between 17-19 km hour.(this is the limit for Typhoon G 500). Advice for taking pictures like in the examples below : 1.Shoot strait to avoid the curve horizon line 2.Shoot in M mode on 100 Iso and play with Exposure 1.30 ,1.60 .1.80 etc. 3.Shoot in DNG (Raw)...
  10. T

    Yuneec CGO3 4K Q500 Camera With Steadygrip and Battery Mod

    I have modded out my cgo3 camera steady cam, and am looking to sell it. I have created a listing for it on eBay. Link: Yuneec CGO3 4K Q500 Camera With Steadygrip and Battery Mod | eBay
  11. DroneCalzone

    How can I change the password for CGO3+?

    The thread title is pretty self-explanatory - I would like to know how to change the camera password. It would also be nice to know how to change the password in CGO3. Thanks for your help!
  12. R

    Why are CGO3 still-photos so poor?

    I'm perplexed by the CGO3's performance. The camera produces great video at low ISOs when using the "Gorgeous" setting. But still-photos often come out poor, even when using DNG. The lighting is flat, colors are somewhat washed out, and the overall image is not that sharp. I have tried adjusting...
  13. Breizhdrone

    H920 + camera adapter for CGO3+ & CGO-ET

    Hi, With the new H920 Plus camera adapter from Yuneec, the Tornado H920 Plus can now also be equipped with the CGO3+ 4K gimbal camera as well as with the CGO-ET thermal imaging camera known from the Typhoon H. Recommended retail price: 149 € with VAT in Europe. More infos in english: H920...
  14. T

    CGO3 3D printable Gimbal lock?

    I was wondering if anyone out there would like a challenge of designing a 3d printable CGO3 gimbal lock.
  15. F

    CGO APP Problem - DNG files

    Hi to all, i'm trying to use the steadygrip with my CGO3 camera,but in the picutures setup, when i chose the output format and select the DNG the app freez. If i try to exit the menu and return to the camera view there is no preview, it's all just black screen. Does anyone know how to solve this...
  16. R

    Hello from Shelburne ON

    Greetings . I have been learning to fly R/C airplanes for a few years now and decided to UPgrade to drones and started with the Typhoon G so I have a lot to learn. This forum seems to have lots of useful information and I look forward to learning from you all. Ian
  17. V

    cgo3 vs cgo3-GB vs cgo3-GB+

    So I was looking at pricing for replacing my camera for my Q500 4K. I'm trying to figure out why the titles for these listings are different depending on where your looking (see above). I'm thinking the GB stands for gimbal but they all had the gimbal included and there were several that were...
  18. Robert007


    my camera works good, until I turn the pan knob , it then won't stop panning slowly in a circle.I tried to change modes of smart and angle , also gimble pan and tilt mode .it seems to stop is when I reset the Hexacopter.
  19. Chris McMillan

    Using the panorama feature on the Typhoon H

    I recently queried how to make good use of the Panorama features of the CGO3. I wanted to find out how to share this wonderful feature with family, friends and also members on here. A couple of people suggested some ideas and I looked at all of the options, and finished up with the following if...
  20. A

    Am I missing a piece or two on my camera mount?

    I'm getting ready for a big flight tomorrow and am checking over my TH ahead of time. I set the bird on a level counter and noticed that the camera was drooping a little to one side. I started to inspect the CGO3 mount and dampeners and it appears there is a part or two missing - maybe...