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  1. B

    New batteries are erroring when trying to charge

    I got new batteries for my TYPHOON H, and they keep erroring after a 30 secs, And sometimes when I unplug the charger and plug it back in with no battery's plugged into it, its says its balancing cells.
  2. johnnyb57

    How does mAh translate 6300 mAh charged? It reads 2423 mAh

    I looked, but couldn't find an answer, so here goes ? You have a 6300 mah battery, when fully charged it says 2423mah, a 5400 mah, fully charged its 3827 mah ? How do I understand these numbers ? I would think a 5400 fully charged would read 5400 mah ?
  3. K

    Won't fully charge

    My Duo T240 charger Will not fully charge My ST-16 Battery like My stock charger does. Hmmmmm Only to 95% my stock Charger will charge it To 100% go figure. Keith Kuhn
  4. Jhen19

    ST16 Battery Charging Issue

    Hi guys, Just unboxed my Typhoon H today, but have been doing hours of reading and YouTube browsing to prepare for its arrival. To preface the meat & potatoes of this post, I've searched around to see if anything else on the forum matches my question, but it's only bits and pieces of the issue...
  5. Eagle's Eye Video

    Amp Rate when charging ST-16

    I looked but I could not find anything specific... what is the max safe amp rate when charging the ST-16 battery with a USB cable? Saw a power strip with a USB rapid charge with a 4.8 A rate listed... would this fry the USB connection in the ST-16 or shorten the battery life? Currently...
  6. Brenakie

    Venom Pro Duo Charger Settings for the Q

    Hi all, Watched a few videos and read a few articles, the more I watched and read the more overloaded I got :confused: Looking for a little advice, wondering what your LiPo settings are? I'm running 2 different batteries: 1) 5400mAh/11.1V/59.9Wh 2) 6300mAh/11.1V/70Wh Right now I'm defaulted...
  7. A

    Best way to charge ST16 battery externally

    Does anyone have any suggestions for the best way to charge the ST16 battery externally? I know I am going to need to buy an EC2 connector but I have no idea what other things I will need. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  8. D

    Handset Charging...

    Hi folks - I'm new here. Bought my H520 today but am having a bit of a problem already. After unboxing it and following the start up instructions pretty much to the letter, I got it up in the air. A couple of basic moves and one or two landings later the remote switched off and the drone landed...
  9. W

    Controller will not charge

    Purchased the Breeze 4k a week or so ago. Finally opened the box today. Followed the instructions to the letter, but couldn't get the controller to charge. When the supplied USB cable didn't work, I tried several other cables and chargers just in case. All with the same result. Seems like a bad...
  10. P

    Battery problem

    So my original yuneec batteries were destroyed due to my poor lipo care habits. One of my batteries leaked fluid, and the other one stopped charging. The battery that stopped charging would continuously showed 11.1 volts on the transmitters telemetry screen and after leaving it to charge...
  11. TheDhuddist

    Battery Charging settings for Q500 4k

    Hi all. I've tried searching here and on Google but the results are seriously mind boggling to try to digest. Maybe if I just lay out clear questions, I can get a direct answer and my old brain can avoid losing what few cells (no pun intended) it has left. :) 1. I have the stock charger, but I...
  12. Dispatchdog

    Charging Batteries

    Hi all, Does anyone have any information regarding charging the Tattu 4000mAh batteries for the 920 using the Yuneec charging hub. Thanks, Steve
  13. M

    Yuneec Typhoon H H480 Charge & Balance Lead Adapter for Digital B6 A6 B6AC Rapid

    Hi Guys n Gals, I am looking to buy the item named in the title of this post. It is fundamentally different to the one Yuneec sell at nearly £30 !!!!!! As it is fort a B6 charger which has a small white plug as opposed to the huge black one on the yuneec item. I cannot find it in UK, would...
  14. M

    ST16 not charging

    I put ST16 on charge last night ready for my day off flying today. It was at 55% last night and its at 55% this morning. I have this morning tried 3 different USB leads, charging from the Yuneec charger, laptop and the powerful Anker power bank I use in the field, nothing charges the ST16. Any...
  15. Merlin

    Battery Storage - How long is too long?

    Hi, I've spend quite some time trawling through the forums trying to get a better understanding of Lithium Polymer batteries. I now have a good idea of the ideal storage voltage and storage temperatures but how long before a flight is it OK to charge them up? I like to be ready well in advance...
  16. S

    Battery Drainage Responsibility

    It was suggested to me by one of the tech guys at Yuneec that we should be landing H flights by 14.6. because of the lithiom battery type. We were once advised to run out batteries down to 1% (electronics in general) so you didn't undercut its next cycle potential... right? And apparently the...
  17. B

    Battery charger blinks green, will not charge

    I just received my camera back from yuneec for repairs, I go to charge the battery and the charger just blinks green and will not charge. I checked to ensure all connections are correct and the fuse does not appear to be blown. Any suggestions? Thanks.