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  1. D

    Software development for H520E

    Hello, can anybody explain to me in simple words how to use the SDK for the drone? I'm googling and reading the forum but still can't understand. So what i need is an ability to stream the video and the telemetry from the drone or ts16e to the PC. From what I understand the st16e has its wifi...
  2. WTFDproject

    Q500 (ST10+) Flight Log Retrieval

    The data contained in the Flightlog directory provides the most detailed and accurate means available to research many events that may otherwise be incorrectly diagnosed. There are many ways the flightlogs can be provided to the forum. There are many file locations and transfer techniques that...
  3. Pöllö

    Telemetry data to the ST16

    Hi, Here is a little piece of Arduino code to experiment with, if someone wants to send telemetry data back to the ST16 from a custom-built drone. There is still some work to do with the data fields, but this should get you started. I had to write this to test ST16 telemetry for my Typhoon H...
  4. JulesTEO

    Very Unusual Telemetry Log

    Hello everyone, It's been a long time since I created a new thread, but I had nothing unusual worth sharing happen during my flights.. Until yesterday. So I hadn't flown my Typhoon H in a while; 2 whole months actually, since my last flight was on january 31. Yesterday I decided to dust off...
  5. D

    Stuck Up, Slammed Down

    I flew my 2-month-old H on a CCC route in both directions yesterday morning. That went fine until it was time to land from 250 feet up. Pulling full aft on the left stick did pretty much nothing except intermittently drop a few feet at a time and then hover. I finally switched to RTH to get it...
  6. Wingshooter

    Q500 4k Telemetry and Compass Cali Discussion

    That I would just open a new thread on the subject. Background: Q500 4k. V1.07. Owned since November 2015. Never crashed. Calibrated Compass in Nov 2015 but never after that until recently. Only reason I did the Compass Calibration recently is because I noticed some Calibration Errors in...
  7. S

    Flight Logs

    A few days ago I was finishing a flight and went to deploy the landing gear but nothing happened. I ended up having to hand capture the Typhoon H and when I went to idle the gear started to deploy. I downloaded the flight logs for the controller and telemetry data to review it. I can see on...
  8. D

    Crashed Tyhpoon H after update

    After updating my typhoon H firmware I took it to an open field to test the update everything seemed fine until I tried to land, the typhoon jerked violently and flew off.. I eventually caught it mid air and cut the power. I done a full calibration and drone seemed to fly fine. The next time it...
  9. S

    Telemetry problem

    Went flying this afternoon and my THP performed flawlessly. This evening I logged on to Dronelogbook,com to upload my flights and something weird happened. The first attached file is a screenshot of how the Dronelogbook algorithm interpreted my telemetry file. Everything looks as it should with...
  10. T

    Is This Possible For Us H Owners? A forum member said he used PIX4D & Agisoft to do 3D & Mapping.

    Hi everyone after I read a post from another forum member saying that he has actually physically used both Pix4D & Agisoft with the Typhoon H, It has put me on a mad race of trying to find out as much information as I possibly can about using the H for Mapping, Being able to re-make buildings &...
  11. S

    Q500 4K Attempted to fly away, then almost crashed. Telemetry included

    Hey guys, I recently did a compass calibration and it apparently succeeded. I've been noticing I lose left stick control when attempting to turn through 360 degrees while stationary, hence why I recalibrated. I then tested the craft and noticed it attempted to fly away. I flipped the switch to...
  12. Merlin

    SD card vs Internal memory

    How can I save the ST16 telemetry to the SD card rather than internal memory? I've trawled through the settings and manual can can't find anyway to change to the SD card.
  13. Wileytrigger21

    My first video w/ telemetry

    Some footage of my H flying around a local creek. I used help on this forum to use dashware. Synching the telemetry to the video is a PITA if you don't record your takeoff! My favorite part is when the blue heron flies through the shot.
  14. D

    Telemetry recording lost with V1.07 firmware

    I updated the 4K and ST10+ to the latest firmware. Flew it yesterday and had a problem where the video downlink feed just froze. It was only about 100m away and it did not restart on it's own. I had to land then power off / on the 4K and then it was OK. This may have been sheer co-incidence...