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typhoon h

  1. Vertigo Drones

    CGO-ET Thermal Imaging Camera for the Typhoon H - Now Available for Pre-Order

    The much anticipated CGOET is now available for pre-order. We expect to ship by the 1st of December. Finalized pricing is not yet available but is anticipate to be $1999.99 - $2499.99. This unit is a 1-for-1 swap for the CGO3+ and provides enhanced low light capabilities along with thermal...
  2. S

    Solid blue light.

    Just updated my drone now it won't power down after pushing the power button and it won't respond to my st16.
  3. T

    Is This Possible For Us H Owners? A forum member said he used PIX4D & Agisoft to do 3D & Mapping.

    Hi everyone after I read a post from another forum member saying that he has actually physically used both Pix4D & Agisoft with the Typhoon H, It has put me on a mad race of trying to find out as much information as I possibly can about using the H for Mapping, Being able to re-make buildings &...
  4. Y


    Hey guys, i just went trough all (!) the supplied manuals and sheets that were delivered with my TH Pro and couldn't find ANY hint on how to correctly attach the stock sunshade to the ST16+ . Then i went looking on youtube, the forum and I even googled it, without success... there are only...
  5. JulesTEO

    Typhoon H at a small *** in Mexico

    Short video I recorded yesterday at a small *** in my home town. I had some issues with my SD card and couldn't really see on screen what I was recording so I couldn't get the footage I would've wanted. Greetings!
  6. A

    LED (GPS) issue - Typhoon H

    I have an issue with the GPS on my Typhoon H or at least I think it's with the GPS The H is in an open space, I have GPS lock in both Smart and Angle modes for a short time. I have steady green or purple. The H shows 13/14 satillites and the controller 11. While still in the same position, on...
  7. S

    Lessons I learned the hard way

    Hi all I'm fairly new to drones, and much of what follows will reflect that. I'm sure the more experienced pilots here will read this and think "Yep, that's obvious." But maybe some of the other newcomers will learn from my experience. A few weeks ago I flew my THP for the first time. The...

    Typhoon H & Mavic Pro.

    I've had the Mavic Pro for about a week now. I can't really compare it to the Typhoon H as it's in a different drone class. I must admit that I do like it (it surpassed my expectations). It has different features than the Typhoon which means it's useful in situations where you can maximize...
  9. S

    Typhoon H Pro with RealSense fly away (although not "too far")

    I've got my H for about 2 weeks. I have lots of Phantom experience and currently also fly a P4. So, took off with Angle Mode. Stayed in position for a minute to "let it get its bearings". YES I did a compass calibration, which I do before any flight at any location. YES, I did a gimbal and...
  10. Chris McMillan

    Typhoon H in Australia

    Here's a short video of my visit to an Estate in Victoria, Australia.... A couple of slightly jerky sections, so apologies....
  11. JulesTEO

    Afternoon fun with the Typhoon H

    So I'm starting to get a bit more confident (yet cautious courtesy of my 2 crashes) with the Typhoon H, I received my 2 new batteries a couple of weeks ago, but it wasn't until today that I went out and flew the 3 batteries. I wasn't looking to get any "cool" footage (except at the end with a...
  12. jarvis

    Typhoon H camera failed to initialize...

    Hello, anyone have this problem? If so what's the cure to fix it. Earlier I was able to move it side to side and up and down, now second time out it won't move at all. I just noticed this while controller was booting up, it said "camera failed to initialize" but I flew it anyway which camera was...
  13. jarvis

    Typhoon H drone Battery terminals???

    Can someone help me by looking inside your drone to see if you have 2 or 3 battery terminals within your drone itself? Right now I only see 2 in mine and don't know if it was 3, please let me know. Thank you!
  14. P


    Where can I send my Typhoon H for repairs? I am in California.
  15. Chris McMillan

    Judge for yourself...

    Here's a short video made on a recent visit to a beautiful estate in the countryside of Victoria, Australia. Made with my H and an iPhone for stills. You judge the quality of the H's performance. Let me know what you think.
  16. Vertigo Drones

    New From Vertigo Drones - Typhoon H Blade Guards, CGO3+ Service and more

    New Parts/Accessories Tool for removing lampshade from Typhoon H motor LED Lampshade - In Stock Yuneec Typhoon H Motor Lampshade Puller Tool Typhoon H Blade Guards - In Stock Yuneec Typhoon H Propeller Protectors - Blade Guards Typhoon H RealSense Bolt-On Module - Shipping October 28th...
  17. JulesTEO

    Brought my CGO3+ back from the dead!

    Well, I thought the camera was dead; I even purchased a new CGO3+, but even the new camera wouldn't power on. I checked the connections for any damaged pins under the H, I replaced the connecton board but there was just nothing going on. So, technically the damaged CGO3+ could be fine, but...

    What to do when your TYPHOON H suddenly FLYS AWAY!!!

    First let me say to YUNEEC... You have a "flyaway" problem with the Typhoon H. My Typhoon H did what many others on this forum have been saying... It literally flew away out of control!!!! I'm running the latest Firmware. I have the flight data and when you replay it, you can clearly see...
  19. N

    No Watch Me on Wizard

    Hi, I have this problem with my Wizard on the Typhoon H. It works great except it seems to be unable to send tilt commands to the drone. When I'm trying to manually tilt the camera through the buttons on the Wizards it does nothing. Also, when I go in Smart Mode and Activate the Watch me Mode...