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typhoon h

  1. jarvis

    Flying into narrow canyons possible?

    Hello all, has anyone flown their typhoon H into narrow canyons without losing signal? I'm wondering if you'll lose video and control of the drone while in canyons or maybe in negative altitude.... Thanks for your comments in advance!
  2. S

    Unsure when to charge // voltage fluctuating

    Hey gang, I'm out flying again for the first time in a while. Stock battery, full charge. I fell like it drained awfully quick... I was down to 14.7 in a matter of like 2 minutes. Probably 50-80ft up there, no crazy wind. I did tinker around like 10 minutes on the pad with some camera settings...
  3. S

    Fixed CGO3+ mount, attached... no pan or tilt!

    Hey gang, I was super excited to fly my drone in Compton today after receiving my replacement mount last night. But now that she's airborne, my pan & tilt abilities aren't working. However, once airborne, at least the fixed camera (VS slight pan to correct itself and look forward) ability is...
  4. BKnightner

    Hello fellow Yuneec Pilots. I just joined.

    Hello, I'm new to the forum, however, I have consistently visited to gain insights since purchasing my Typhoon H in October. I look forward to participating in forums. Thanks, BKnightner
  5. Joseph Corrado

    Maintainence Schedule for the Typhoon H

    One of the types of questions that you get on the Part 107 relate to craft maintainence. It's simple enough to create your own I suppose but Im sure that it won't be 100%. Since I'm now using the H for business purposes, I've started keeping logs etc. I'm just wondering if there exists a...
  6. T

    New IR Super Light For Best Night Flying

    Hello all how has it been going I just returned from spending Thanksgiving with family down in Arizona which was pretty fun. Everything was going fine I had flown down to Phoenix, Arizona to spend Thanksgiving with family & decided to take my H with so I had to buy an expensive hard case for it...
  7. B


    Guys are we ever going to see interchangeable cameras or lenses with the Yuneec H? That's all we're missing.
  8. S

    Not stable, jerky....

    I've had my Typhoon H Pro for about a month. (I also have a Phantom 4). My Typhoon H jerks when I just barely touch it, left, right or forward and back. I have it on turtle. I can EASE it someplace. My Phantom 4 is rock solid and stable and I can creep it around at crawling speeds. No so...
  9. jazzman81

    $94 Yuneec Typhoon H Battery (YUNTYH105) on Amazon

    I was looking for camera accessories for my TH and came across this deal on amazon. It's not sold by Yuneec directly so buyer beware (Sold by DISCOUNTED PRICES (NO TAXES)). However the order is fulfilled by Amazon so I'll be able to return the battery if I'm not happy with the quality. I'll be...
  10. P

    Typhoon H with thermal and low light camera

    I have completed a trial with the thermal and low light camera and cannot work out how to edit both, I wanted to shorten the clips to get rid of unwanted footage and just show relevant detail, have imported the mp4 file, edited this in fcpx exported this but only get the low light video footage...

    Has anyone entered the Yuneec Typhoon H video contest?

    Many of us have taken some great video... Has anyone entered the ultimate $5000 Typhoon H video contest? Quadcopters & Aerial Drones - Yuneec I posted some footage taken in the Fall of low cloud cover (clip below). If anyone else has entered, post your video.

    Typhoon H Cold Weather Flying - Temperature Change

    I took the Typhoon H out on the weekend for a quick "temperature test". It was 1 degree Celsius (34 Fahrenheit) outside. With the Typhoon H in its shipping case (in a backpack), I took it from the heated house to the car. Drove 10 minutes to a field. Took it out of the car and placed the...
  13. S

    Not more than 10 sats on my Typhoon H Pro just return from Yuneec

    My T H P just came back from Yuneec after they fixed gimbal "bungee" issue. The documents said that they upgraded all firmware on T H P and ST16. When I tested it out from my usual spot, I could get no more that 10 sats, regardless of what altitude I tried. Any ideas?
  14. -=Falcon=-

    Hi From A New Typhoon H Owner On The West Coast of Canada

    I just made my first post a moment ago in the Typhoon H forum. I'm proud to say I'm a new owner. What a decision process it's been but thanks to BestBuy this morning it finally broke the stalemate. I was also extremely tired of reading all the lengthy reviews and serious attempts at discrediting...
  15. Y

    Great Item!!!

    SSE Voltage Battery Tester with LCD Display and LED Indication For Yuneec Q500, Q500+, Q500 4K and Typhoon H Batteries
  16. S

    Excellent Yuneec Customer Service

    I have a Phantom 4 and a Typhoon H Pro. I love both. I have received superb customer service from Yuneec. Way beyond my expectations. I do not like the fact that the H climbs to 10 meters when you switch out of Angle mode. I usually fly at low altitudes. This resulted in my H climbing into an...
  17. Chris McMillan

    Double layer panorama not available on screen

    Anyone else had this problem. Done the latest update a couple of times, but still have the same problem. In the "Panorama" section I only have the single layer showing, no option to switch to double... Am I as usual missing something? All other updates (DNG Burst Time lapse etc) are there.
  18. John K. Fitzgerald

    Thanks to all forum members!!!!!

    Just a quick note to say thanks to all the members of this forum! For me this forum has been an excellent source of information and ideas. And since Yuneec's owners manuals are "vague" at best, this forum has been excellent tool for us to learn the finer points of our machines. Thanks again to...
  19. Douglas M

    Typhoon H Pilots Needed - Influence the Future of Drone Development!

    Hello, Apologies first and foremost to be soliciting your help. I am a Human Factors researcher of a large company (which I cannot disclose) that is conducting a study on drone piloting experiences (specifically focused on autonomous flight capabilities). As you all know, drones with autonomous...