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typhoon h

  1. L

    Typhoon H Crash - suddenly lost control - GPS false to true

    Hello, Can anyone help out to analyze what went wrong with my Typhoon H when it crashed today. I was flying it without GPS mode as I usually do (have had some problem with GPS mode earlier). After a couple of minutes it suddenly started to wobble and shake. It went straight down by itself and...
  2. D

    CCC mode issue

    After I set up a route in CCC mode and Start the route, my H goes to the first point and then just drifts around. It does not proceed to the next waypoint.
  3. ShawnIde

    Slow Motion Video...

    Hey guys... I am new to the Yuneec family and I was wondering what you shoot with 120fps? Here is my first try:
  4. D

    UAV not conecting to ST16 controler

    So tried to fly earlier today, but could not get the controller to connect to the drone. Tried a few things including powering off and back up, binding etc. Checked for updates, nothing newer than what I currently have. In system settings we refreshed a few times to see if the aircraft would...
  5. M

    Typhoon makes it onto prime time TV

    I think this is the Typhoon H... it is this weeks episode of Criminal Minds on CBS TV.. episode 4; 'killer app'. It only appeared for a couple moments but I got these pictures off from the TV and you can see it is about 24 minutes in. If any of you watch this TV series, keep an eye out for this.
  6. T

    ST-16 Signal Booster & Battery Bracket Holder?

    Hi just curious to know whether or not anyone knows of anywhere that makes any sort of bracket for the ST-16 that is used for holding signal boosters & a battery on it. Similar to the ones that MaxxUav makes for other Manufacturers drone transmitters. Thank You Tom C.
  7. gwhuntoon

    Where's the new Typhoon H firmware?

    Just thought I'd ask in the hopes that someone would know something about this. If I recall from the last CES, there were great things coming in the next firmware for the Typhoon H, especially the ST16. So far though, nothing since March.
  8. Rubik

    ActionCam Camera Dolly

    Check this out: I used the car as the camera dolly. I stood up through the sunroof holding the ActionCam with CGO3+ gimbal/camera. My wife drove along a about 8 mph on a quiet road with beautiful fall leaves and filtered sunlight. This worked so well that I will use the technique again to...
  9. Arkansas Pilot

    Vertical Height Limit?

    I just got finished with upgrading my firmware for my "Brand New" Typhoon H/Real Sense for the controller and Typhoon. Of course I had to follow a video on YouTube since I wanted to be sure and get it right. I have been cruising the Yuneec Pilots forum today and got a little confused on the...
  10. B

    CGO3+ Running Hot

    Hey, new to the forum. Hoping somebody here has had this issue before. We've had a Typhoon H here at the office almost a year. The CGO3+ camera is starting to run hot. The camera would operate fine for about 5 minutes and then power off. I had the cooling fan replaced and now it will run about...
  11. skwty

    First Time Above The CLOUDS!

    Before you freak out, just know that I was within my limits as a pilot :) The fog was quite thick and low on this day and it might have been the very FIRST time that timing was on my side when it comes to flying the Typhoon H. Enjoy. Have you flown in this situation before? I wish I...
  12. Breizhdrone

    Stickers for Typhoon H from www.uavstickers.com

    Hi, 2 sets of stickers for Typhoon H by www.uavstickers.com: For ST16 groundstation and Wizard... Personalized Identity Set This set includes valuable, color coordinated stickers for new & experienced pilots that are flying the Yuneec Typhoon H aircraft. Many of the stickers are common sense...
  13. T

    Typhoon H - 4 dashes 3 dots audio

    First sign of trouble: During flight camera gimbal locked up. 1. Camera continued to transmit video 2. Gimbal began to tumble moderately 3. Thought it crashed...executed return to home successfully. Cycled power several times 1. Each time camera would go to odd canted position and lock up 2...
  14. I

    New H, never used, sat for a year

    Hello, I have a new Typhoon H that I bought in November of 2016 that has never been out of it's original backpack case. (Life happens) I'm wanting to bring this thing out and start enjoying it, but I'm concerned about possible problems with the LiPo batteries, and firmware. My questions...
  15. B

    Typical Yuneec service...??

    Hello...I finally got a reply from someone at Yuneec, in California. They told me a separate email would come that I could take down to Staples & they would deal with it. The shipping & tracking etc of my drone. So it has been 2 weeks and no email, no replies on my follow up email... Is this...
  16. Rubik

    My Favorite Place to Fly

    This was shot late in the day with my Typhoon H and CGO3+ camera. Note the rush hour commute backup and Mt. Rainier on the left. The TH is 400' above ground. There is still a slight haze due to forest fires nearby. You can see how we are losing good valley bottom farmland to industrial...
  17. Wingshooter

    Q5004k -vs- Typhoon H and the Camera Differences

    Does anybody know or have experience enough to list the differences between the two camera's from the Q5004k and the Typhoon H? Specifically the settings that can be manipulated during flight like ISO etc...... Are the video's better? Also are the actual pictures / video that noticeably better...
  18. T

    Mounting Lume Cubes on a Typhoon H

    Hi , this is my first post on here so forgive me if I am doing it all wrong I have a Typhoon H and want to mount two Lume cubes - there are brackets available for models without the real sense module but I need one that works with this fitted , can anybody help please? Thanks Tim
  19. E

    Typhoon H everything you need

    Typhoon H CGO3+ ST16 Wizard Wand 3 batteries 2 chargers Polar Pro polarized lenses Carrying Case Everything you need $1600 obo like new, selling because I just moved into a large no fly zone and I don't have time to fly as much as I would like to. Everything works like new, just about 1 year...
  20. DroneCalzone

    Anyone tried binding H480 using a H920+ profile on ST16?

    Hi, so did anyone try to take your ST16, make a H920 profile and then bind it to an actual H480 copter? Or, more interestingly, did anyone try to fly it? :D I tried binding it, and it seems to work flawlessly. Telemetry is there, all controls seem to work, video signal from CGO3+ is perfect...