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typhoon h

  1. A

    H and a mass of other kit for sale - must go!!!

    If this is posted incorrectly please let me know. My H plus a whole heap of other related kit is for sale and can be viewed here. TYPHOON H PRO PLUS MASS OF RELATED GEAR | in Axminster, Devon | Gumtree Price on the add should now read £950.00 as I'm afraid it must go. Everything in tip top...
  2. T

    Mounting the CGO3+ Pro to something and get pan/tilt from the controller (st16)

    I want to mount the Gimbal and Camera to a camera dolly, It has power and works to stabilize. Using Pins for power. Pins labeled TX and PWN are not connected (should they be?) and I want to use an ST16 to control the pan/tilt of the gimbal. I have tried ALOT of ways, but pan and tilt ONLY work...
  3. F

    Olympics using Typhoon H Style.

    This is pretty cool, I couldn't figure out the model, but was watching the Ladies' Slopsytle on 2/11/2018 and saw a familiar shadow on the ground, after watching further I noticed the Typhoon H Style drone being used. With this I had a question as I live in cold climate and wanted to fly...
  4. JulesTEO

    New CGO3+ Gimbal firmware.

    Hello everyone. I just noticed there's a download link for a new camera/gimbal firmware on the Yuneec download site with release date 1/25/2018. Description: "Improved gimbal tuning" As I haven't seen any posts about this I just wanted to bring it up. It's a small update but I guess this...
  5. A

    TYPHOON H FOR SALE + a mass of other related gear. Replacement value £2650.00

    Owned and flown by CAA certified pilot. 25 hours only. In A1 condition - never crashed. Will pass any inspection. The H is offered for sale in England and Wales ONLY so that it may be hand delivered. THPHOON H 1 x Yuneec Typhoon H480 Pro with “real sense” 1 x Intel “Real Sense” module - object...
  6. K

    Setting the POI Center Remotely

    I'm working on a shoot tomorrow where I want to use POI mode to orbit a crowd from 50 meters away. I don't want to fly over the crowd, so is there a way to either A) set the POI center to a position away from the Typhoon H, or B) set the POI center then retain that position for 15 minutes? For...
  7. K

    SOLD - Typhoon H, H Pro, and Q500 4k Compatible 5 Filter Set

    For sale, a brand new Ultimax 5 piece filter kit. Got an extra for Christmas, so I don't need a second set. Brand new, never used, includes the pouch, UV filter, variable ND2-ND400 filter, Circular Polarizing filter, and lens cloth. Originally sold on Amazon for $20 here...
  8. Eagle's Eye Video

    Well I believe it's our own H !

    Watch a drone save two swimmers in Australia - CNN Video
  9. W

    Yuneec's Typhoon H support is dead

    By now it should be clear to everyone that Yuneec is no longer supporting the Typhoon H with firmware updates. From messages on this board they are also apparently no longer supporting firmware updates for the 520. It appears Yuneec's marketing strategy is to sell and support a drone model for...
  10. S

    H920 Plus and Q500 For Sale

    Yuneec Drones for Sale I’m not a dealer. I’m thinning out my Drone Hanger. ***SOLD*** Tornado H920 Plus Newest model. Only 5 short flights done on this bird. Includes… Travel Case ST16 Ground Station Controller with spare battery CGO4 Camera R10 Charging station with cables ProAction Ground...
  11. T

    Motor won't start blue red light flashing

    I am very new to the typhoon h I acquired it pretty cheap knowing that there was some problems with it and I have found that the GPS is definitely bad because I cannot calibrate the compass and it will not acquire GPS signal.. from all the threads that I have read the propeller should be able to...
  12. S

    Epson Maverio BT-300 headset use with Typhoon H

    Has anyone mated up the Typhoon H with the BT-300 AR glasses/headset? I have successfully operated my drone many times but have not mated the headset and drone yet. Would like to communicate with anyone with experience operating the two units in flight. Thanks, Wayne
  13. T

    I need to buy a typhoon H, just the multirotor nothing else. If you have one or know of one please l

    Looking for a typhoon h. Just the drone nothing else. Thanks
  14. C

    A call to all Typhoon H owners who live in Europe

    I live in Europe, own a Typhoon H and want to connect my bird with the CGO3 app. The CGO3+ cam has the latest standard Firmware (not EU). I use a Samsung galaxy S4 Dual Band. There is no Wifi signal from the cam on my smartphone so no connection. Which owners had the same problem and solved this...
  15. J

    Typhoon H w Realsense, 5 batteries, Yuneec Goggles, FPVLR Antennae, all for $1000

    Selling a Yuneec Typhoon H with Intel Realsense and all accessories that it came with in excellent condition ST16 Yuneec Backpack Yuneec Goggles FPVLR Antennae for ST16 5 Batteries I need to get $950 for this, firm. Buyer pays shipping.
  16. AJan

    New Typhoon H owner

    Hi all, Greetings from northern Virginia. I have been flying a DJI P4 at work for the past year; finally bought a drone for my own commercial use. B&H Photo Video had the Yuneec Typhoon H on sale, and so I was 'sold.' It arrived yesterday; batteries are charged and now I wait for some free time...
  17. Jacobs63

    New member - Typhoon H

    Hi, just jumping into this hobby in earnest. After cutting my teeth with a toy (Syma) drone, I bought a Typhoon H. I also took a sUAS class at a local community college to learn the rules and I'm considering taking the FAA Part 107 exam as well. I'm still getting used to this aircraft, and web...
  18. JulesTEO

    Gimbal's worn (softer) vs. new (stiffer) rubber dampers comparison

    A while ago I noticed one of my CGO3+ camera/gimbal's rubber dampers had become a bit softer than they used to be. I've removed/reinstalled the same dampers over and over several times. And now it's easy to notice how softer they are, specially when comparing them to a newer set on another...
  19. C

    ST-16 not binding after using wizard for first time

    Hello Everyone, Very new pilot here, so please bear with me if I'm asking a pretty obvious question... Used just the wizard for flying for the first time yesterday. Had no issues other than noticing drifting and altitude loss, so I was going to recalibrate the Typhoon today. When I turned on...
  20. L

    Typhoon H Crash - suddenly lost control - GPS false to true

    Hello, Can anyone help out to analyze what went wrong with my Typhoon H when it crashed today. I was flying it without GPS mode as I usually do (have had some problem with GPS mode earlier). After a couple of minutes it suddenly started to wobble and shake. It went straight down by itself and...