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  1. K

    Drone communication

    I don't own a Yuneec drone myself, but I have some questions for the owners, since neither official website, nor user manual (for Typhoon H at least), nor [email protected] seem to have an answer. How does the the drone communicate with the controller? In user manual, I've read that they transmit...
  2. DoomMeister

    Breeze Compendium of How To’s

    To make more room on the lead page for recent posts and keep important topics readily available, this thread will list threads that were formerly “stickied”. https://yuneecpilots.com/threads/how-to-tell-if-my-phone-tablet-or-pad-is-compatible-with-the-breeze.12910/...
  3. DoomMeister

    Compendium for WiFi and Firmware Issues

    I am making this thread to reduce the number of sticky posts in the Breeze Discussion forum, but retain easy access to important threads related to firmware issues and WiFi troubles. The following list are threads that have proved very useful for a couple of years...
  4. A

    Can't mount to the computer and can't connect to WIFI with solid white led

    I tried to "factory reset" many times, but it didn't work for me. Yesterday, I formatted the yuneec breeze with "exFAT" type. Since this time, the problem started to happen. (Previously, I usually formatted with just "FAT" type, but it hadn't a problem) How can I fix this problem?
  5. A

    yuneec breeze 4k wifi not showing on phones.

    Hi. I bought a new yuneec breeze drone from usa. And i came to Turkey. I flyed a few days with my phone. After a few days, i started the drone. But wifi wasnt showing. I reseted the drone a lot of time, but still same. i wanted to firmware update. But i think i cant upgrade without wifi. I...
  6. J

    Firmware Update - Now Can't Connect

    I had replaced my first Breeze because of the wifi issue. Then I finally took it out for a flight, worked great, then when I got I started to transfer the videos. It was taking a while so I decided to wait and update the firmware. That was a mistake. Now I'm having the same issue as the first...
  7. WaltzingPablo

    Should I buy a Breeze?

    Hi everyone. A few years back, I would have given my left arm to buy the Typhoon H. Things are slightly different now, and so is my budget. I really like the look of the Breeze. I mean - I REALLY like it. However....... Keep reading what look like horror stories to do with wifi connectivity...
  8. G

    5.8ghz to 2.4ghz conversion?

    (I am aware this has probably been asked before, but I cannot find a definite answer.) I have recently bought a Breeze4k and have been unable to use it with my mobile phone. I know that this is because my phone uses 2.4 ghz but the Breeze4k uses 5.8ghz. Is there any way that I can possibly...
  9. R

    Breeze connects quickly, but doesn't reconnect

    I don't know if this is a heat issue, weird bug, or if it's actually some kind of security feature. I flew my Breeze for the first real time today. I had paired the phone and drone a while ago, and as soon as I turned on the drone, the phone connected right away. However, when I tried to connect...
  10. Alex-Aldridge

    Flying the Breeze 4k with a laptop? Yes!

    Is it possible to fly a Breeze 4k with a laptop? Would an android emulator running the Breeze Cam app on pc work?
  11. M

    No WiFi/ live video on ST16

    After a normal flight with live and captured video with my Typhoon H, it suddenly lost live video when started up for the next flight. There was no "trying to connect to camera" warning at the top of the screen like usual. Checking the setting revealled that the ST16 WiFi was off. It I turned...
  12. M

    No clue how to connect ST16S controller to Wifi for offline maps

    Hello, I have poured through the user manual. Can anyone tell me how to do this> Mark
  13. arruntus

    How To: Basic procedures with the H520 and cameras

    [Mod Edit] A BIG thanks to @arruntus for putting together this thread... which pretty much has most of the instructional videos on the 520... :cool: =================================================== Basic Procedures (Getting Started) All the basic steps to make a flight. Spread arms, mount...
  14. J

    Breeze WIFI will not connect to Samsung Note 3 in Italy

    I got the Breeze for a long awaited vacation to Europe. However when I got here, my Samsung Note 3 does not connect to the Breeze wifi. I tried several things, put it in airplane mode and turned the wifi on, restarted the phone several times, uninstalled and reinstalled the Breeze Cam app...
  15. NicoCaldo

    connect via wifi takes long time

    I got my breeze today and after update the firmware the drone on switch one has the led on the side red, than it become blu/white and then green. After that I'm able to connect to it via wifi with my iPad 4. This process can take up to 1mn. On the switch on I'm not able to connect via wifi...
  16. Magic

    Output power wifi - measurement

    Hi guys . At once I ask to excuse for correctness of language - I translate through Google I thought about measuring the signal strength of the camera's transmitter. I downloaded a couple of app on the tablet for a less truthful result .. The result of the measurements was not very...
  17. A

    Operating range and WiFi issues

    I want to see the impact of different versions of the breezeCamApp in different versions of firmware in my breeze. Setting is a sony XperiaZ C6603 with android Lollipop 5.1.1. Firmware in the breeze is FCV 1.1.3 ESC 1.0.3 and CAM 1.0.0. Flight is controlled with the original gamesir controller...
  18. L

    Firmware issues - my workaround

    Some background: So, my experience of Yuneec's Breeze drone has been mixed, to say the least. The first one I purchased developed an issue with the camera's servo motors. Loud scraping noise, then it froze completely. Drone was replaced under warranty - great stuff. This replacement drone then...
  19. P

    Landing Gear Wires

    Hey All, So I've had my breeze for about a month now and hope to use it in our travel videos we produce soon. My question is, What are the wires that lead into the landing gear for? When testing the indoor flight mode something happened with the wifi signal and i was unable to stop the...
  20. G

    Yuneec Breeze purchase : Yes or No

    Question. 1. I've read all of the horror stories with the Breeze wifi not being reliable enough to connect and lock on and I'm hesitant to purchase a Breeze for that reason if it still persists. I have a couple of E50 Emachine drones so I can relate to that and I don't want to go through that...