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Ack! I just bought a Typhoon H and got hosed! :(

Ask her for $80 back and you keep the kit. That would be a fair price.

When she said all she had was $200, I told her she could just do what's right, pay me back $100 towards repairs, and we end this whole issue. She obviously said no. In more colorful terms. Not a very nice person.
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Here are some close ups of the gimbal board that WTFDproject requested.

Thanks so much, everyone, for the encouragement. I really appreciate it and it's helping me not feel so bad about this. Things have been hard due to the pandemic shut downs, as I'm sure it has been for all of you, so outright losing $360 is not something I can do- it's encouraging knowing that I can get her flying again.

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A little encouraging news- I reset the controller and bound it to the H again. Still having problems with the right gimbal, but just binding and starting the motors without props, they all start up fine. "Lift off" and it all goes crazy with a 5 rotor error, lights, beeps, etc, which means at least the motors seem to work, from what I was reading here! Next step will be to try to clean the gimbals and contacts in the ST16 to see if I can fix that problem.
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That “other neighbor” was a set up from the start...it’s the oldest trick in the book. Start a bidding war on your own item. Classic.
It has the earmarks. It's called "Shill Bidding", and yes, it has been around as long as there have been auctions, trade and selling. The "neighbor" was playing the classic roll of the "Shill", whether legitimate or not. It's hard to tell without being a mind reader. But it sure seems convenient he showed up at exactly the right moment to turn a straight up sale into an auction.
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This happened in a gated townhome community, so I had/ have no way of getting back in easily to talk to the neighbor. Or toilet paper her house or something, but I digress....

I was a mark, made a bad decision to allow myself to be. :-( but, it'll work out- with you all, I know I can turn this around and make her fly again.
This happened in a gated townhome community, so I had/ have no way of getting back in easily to talk to the neighbor. Or toilet paper her house or something, but I digress....

I was a mark, made a bad decision to allow myself to be. :-( but, it'll work out- with you all, I know I can turn this around and make her fly again.

Typhoon h parts aren’t hard to find, there’s been a flood of them lately on eBay and Facebook marketplace.
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I tried spraying deoxit into the holes on the back of the ST16. Now, the right stick is working fine but there's no signal from the left stick. Still nothing from K1 and K2, now there's nothing on K3 either! Oi. Oh, and I got too vigorous with the deoxit and there is some that wicked into the right side of the screen! I hope it dries out. Still works fine. I'm thinking my next step is to pull the back off and clean all the contacts directly with the deoxit and start over again. I even tried going into the calibration test menu I read about and everything is working except the left stick is registering 100% on both axis, and so are the pots for K1, K2, and K3. I'm hoping this is a oxidation issue, not an intermittent failure of the controller!
Hmm....not sure I would use that cleaner.
I prefer something like this and it's much cheaper but effective.

It appears you do need to open the back of the ST16 so you can check all the connections. After removing all the screws, open it from the bottom side and swing it up. There are fan wires connected near the top.
Thank you! I'll be careful opening it. I know the deoxit is a bit over kill, but I have a few cans of Deoxit, Deoxit Gold and Faderlube. Before the pandemic killed it, I had a business restoring vintage audio equipment, so they are leftover from doing that work.
Hi I hope you get all of the cost back, but WTFD Project is the man to goto, fountain of knowledge and vert helpful.

He pointed me to relevant page after sending me free word doc.

I figured out what wires were dead and have ordered new slip ring to repair my CGO3 + .

But i agree with other member that your camera has taken a big hit and wires don't jump out of casing or undo screws then redo securing screws ,,, ?.

Also Nokia repair kit for mobiles has the perfect screw driver for dismantling the camera ?.

Hope all goes well ?
Aaaaaaaaand, I'm back. That was fast. I get almost all the way over to her house and she messages, "oh, btw, I already spent $160, so I'm only going to give you $200 back." :mad:

So.... yeah, I'm back trying to fix this thing. :confused:
Hopefully, you reported the seller and facebook will block any other deals she may try to post. You should have know when a neighbor came over and tried to create pressure for you to buy it was a set up.
Makes me Angry someone sold it to you like this.
email me and I will help you with the Parts, I have some encoder wires you can solder on to your existing encoders, if you don't feel confident about soldering them send them to me and I will do it for free...;)
Wow, John that is stepping up to the Plate for this young man To say the least.
Huh,,, does she mean she paid the neighbour 160 as she did not pay for fixing CGO3+.

Ask if she is going to pay your costs for travelling there and back twice, and see what happens.

Hello all!

I just bought a Typhoon H. I'm an idiot. I was excited to find a drone at a reasonable price, the seller was a "single mother who needed to feed her baby..." I made a bad decision. It is complete, 1 good battery, 1 puffed out, with ST16 (pro? 3 antennae), Realsense and the Wizard controller, in the backpack. Custom Iron Man paint job that's pretty nifty.

Now, how I got hosed... she said it worked great, we were talking about other things, her neighbor comes over to "make an offer" on it and I got wrapped up in trying to get this thing, arguing with the neighbor about how it's wrong for her to take a higher price after agreeing to the deal with me... anyway, I just made a bad decision and didn't look over the drone properly. Of course it has problems. :( I paid $360 for it, and was hoping I could use it as a basis to start a real estate photography business after getting a Part 107. My regular businesses- carpentry and vintage audio restoration- have both pretty much failed with the pandemic. I was on unemployment but that dried up, so I'm trying to get something started up on a shoestring to pay the bills. Hence, trying to buy this drone like an idiot without taking the time to really test it out. Of course, as soon as I left, the seller blocks me on FB where I found the drone on marketplace. I would like to think she didn't know, but it seems the whole thing was a giant set up. Not trying to get sympathy, I was an idiot to trust her plain and simple, just regaling you all with the tale.

Here's my issues-
CGO3+ camera has seen better days. it looks like it fell out of the sky from a low height and something caught the gimbal, rotating it around 360" and snapping the wires that connect to the camera from the gimbal. :(
ST16 is not working right. K2, K3, and the right joystick are not registering properly or at all when they are moved.

Any ideas? Am I out of luck? It seems the CGO3+ cameras are selling for as much as I paid for the whole drone, so a replacement isn't an option. Am I better off selling it up for parts and trying to find an old DJI or Phantom 3 or something? I was really excited to make this thing work to start out. If you have any ideas for repair, let me know, please. I am ok with taking the gimbal apart and rewiring it if I can get pin outs, etc, if that would work without a factory calibration.

Thanks, everyone!
There are YouTube videos on how to lubricate your st16 pots. The advice worked for me. You might try to part it out, but make sure it will fly with your controller first. The drone probably went down because the controller wasn’t working right. Personally I would go with the DJI Phantom 4 or a good used Phantom 3 to start with. The Phantom 4 , not pro, is fairly inexpensive and good for video and pictures. The controller and flying app are easily learned, and DJI has a flying academy app built into the website. This is a great way to learn to fly. I did. The Phantom 3 is inexpensive and has everything you need to take very good high def video and 12.8 meg pictures. I own a Typhoon h for fun and fly a Phantom 4 for business. I got myself certified. Good luck.
Well, I put up a post on FB warning others about this seller and she saw it, said some bad things then said she would refund my money, so we'll see how it goes. I'm concerned this is more a project than I can afford right now, if I need a new camera and contact cleaner doesn't work on the controller, so I think I'm better off getting out of it, trying to save some money and find something in better shape.

If the return falls through and she lies again, I'll be back to figure out how to fix this if I can...

Sounds like this happened exactly the same a few months ago on here, right down to the neighbour upping the price !!.

Sounds like this happened exactly the same a few months ago on here, right down to the neighbour upping the price !!.

Still the same thread. It got resurrected ?

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