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After Firmware update, can I calibrate compass last/later?

Jul 26, 2016
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I'm getting ready top update to new late October firmware. After watching the video I think I'm pretty set.

After update St16 then gimbal/camera. I will do all the rebinding/accelerometer/camera gimbal... etc. My question is can I put off the compass calibration until next time I'm out in the field? Or will that mess the previous accelerometer calibration?

Basically, is there an order for all the calibrations/rebind processes to be conducted in?


After I updated two, one regular and one RS Pro, I flew them one battery each. They flew fine but seemed to have slight hunting, drifting in place. Not in any direction, all within a few feet, horizontally and vertically. Today I went out and calibrated them, compass first. Take off props, remove camera, follow instructions carefully, and still a pain to do. Get the steady green light and the rising tone and you got Compass. I had to do one 3 times and the other twice. If you do not get the green light, you ain't done it!

Put camera back on (remove cam cover!) and do the Accelerometer and Gimbal with craft in a level position. Be sure both ST16 left levers are up before the Gimbal cal. After I calibrated both, I flew them again. Rock solid, very noticeable difference.

One thing to remember: the camera/gimbal is fragile, handle always with care.


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May 1, 2016
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N. California
I don't think it matters what sequence the H is calibrated but we certainly want to perform a full system calibration before the next flight after a firmware update. It won't hurt to allow for a gimbal calibration as well.

We definitely do not want to calibrate the compass with the gimbal mounted. Just turn the H upside down with the gimbal powered up and watch how it deals with it. There is no reason to have the gimbal and the camera on the aircraft when calibrating the compass. The compass and GPS are inside the main body of the aircraft and the gimbal is not slaved to them.

Calibrating the compass requires some fast actions if we want to get it done the first time. Once the lights start flashing try to get through the process in 60 seconds or so. Mine typically requires about 2-1/2 rotations around each pair of arms before the flashing light moves to the next pair. If the arms are properly locked in place you can rotate the H quite rapidly.

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