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After the software update ST16 does not receive telemetry from the drone.

Dec 5, 2018
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Hi Avant. I think might have found a possible solution to the problem. I had the dreaded "Cannot connect" messages again. Cutting a very long story short turn on the ST16, fire up the drone with the camera on the drone and once it has connected then exit DataPilot and go to the android system. Fire up the Update Pilot manually. Once it is open select the settings icon (it is the gear shaped icon that is on the top left corner of the screen). It should open up and show the camera and the wifi network in the settings. Select the edit tool (the pencil icon) next to the camera. Another box will open, it is titled "Select your vehicle". You might see your camera, you might not. You may see a camera but with (INACTIVE) next to it. Tap the refresh button. If your camera is powered up then you should see it either change state (Inactive to Active) or you may see another camera appear on the screen as active. Select the active camera (it should turn orange). Then back out of this screen and the settings screen by tapping somewhere on the main screen. Once that is done tap the check firmware icon and the Update system should find the camera and upload the firmware update.

I have a number of cameras that have been hot swapped on that drone. I could not get the camera to update as the ST16 could not connect to the camera. After using the process above to select the right camera the update went very smoothly. I hope this helps your problem.

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