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Battery charging

Jan 26, 2016
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hello pilots, quick question......I've little confused on how to charge batteries and with what? seen factory charger is no good for these batteries? do I need to get another charger or am I good with the factory one? storage: when they talk about storage do you mean for couple days at a time or months at time? and is it safe to charge and store in my house because of fire hazard? need all the info I can to preserve and get all I can out of them....also not knowing the 10 and 10 rule, I charged batteries and flew q500 til low batt came up on my st10+...hope i didn't damage battery..thanks in advance
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if you intend to stay in the hobby for a long time do your self and your batteries a favor get a better charger , the Yuneec stock charger is OK but will not put your battery in storage mode or show how many MaH put into your battery , and what we mean " storage " when you are not going to use your battery in the next day or two place your batteries in storage mode , never leave your battlers fully charged they will last longer in storage mode ( with each cell having 3.75 to 3.80 v ) .you can charge your batteries at home but be care full " NEVER LEAVE YOUR BATTERIES CHARGING UNATTENDED " if you can charge them out doors . from what i understand lipo's are most venerable when being charged . i carry my batteries in a lipo carry bag not in the Yuneec carry case .
the yuneec uses a 3s battery meaning it has 3 cells , when fully charged each cell will have 4.20 v in each cell .

i charge my batteries in lipo bags and store them in a vented ammo can .

this is my battery charger a Hitec 4x plus ac/dc

go on line and go to "you tube" to learn more about lipo's and chargers , there are so many good chargers .

you can get one of these ,Lipo Battery voltage tester and low voltage buzzer alarm

they are cheep and work great they read full voltage of each cell .
if you need more info just ask .
fly safe
Thank you sir....good info....I will purchase me a better charger soon....I was not aware of how these batteries were until now...thanks
Update: purchased a Hitec X2 charger so I can charge two at one time so I can spend more time in the air, also got two LiPo safe bags to charge in and a tester....thanks for all the recommendations....

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