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black motor ???


Nov 15, 2015
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does anyone know if theres a difference between the silver motors that i got with my 4k recently vs the black ones i see elsewhere on the 4k ???
thanks ,,
I'm also very curious about the difference between the silver and the black motors. I received my 4k v.1.07 (sticker on the underside) with Black motors from B&H on 12.28.15
Mine came v. 1.5 and silver motors from Hozizon Hobby, if maybe that means anything !!!
Mine came v. 1.5 and silver motors from Hozizon Hobby, if maybe that means anything !!!
That could very well mean that the current version 1.07 (sticker on bottom of Typhoon) is The latest version and those units are shipping with Black motors.
Now, the bigger question here would be, what is the difference other than color? Improved motors?
Thanks BEE for that Clarification.
wow, Now i really hope there the same !!! lol
will check the other forums....
There is a difference. I just recently bought 6 from Best Buy(Colorado). They had two in stock and hade to ship to 4 to home. The 2 I brought home had black motors and the other 4 had silver motors(all 4 were shipped from Ohio). The difference is what is inside the packing. Black motors came with:
Black battery w/charger
Black rotor blades
ST10+ Transmitter w/shield
16GB microSD(even though the packing list says 8GB)
AC/DC Adaptor
Motor Holder
CGO Steady Grip
Typhoon RTF Airframe
USB Interface

Now the other 4 were a little bit different. They were the same except for:
8GB microSD
Neck Strap
White Battery

I've hade a few pilot mishaps with the first 2 I purchased (black motors), and the replacement blades I purchased were white. So far there has been zero difference in flight stability and control. The replacement motor/ESC controller I purchased was a silver motor and yet the same results, zero difference in flight stability and control. So far there has been no difference in flight stability and control between the 6 Q500 4k drones that I purchased. Also all firmware was current with 1.07 version for all drones.
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Thanks for clearing that up Chris....and good luck with your new fleet !!

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