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Blue lights and beeps of death

Jan 5, 2018
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I am having a lot of trouble. I don't know what else to do. I just updated ST16 and the H to the most recent software, I went along with the tutorial video put out by Yuneec to make sure I did it right. I am still getting the rapid blue flash and beeps. I tried to fly a few days ago and couldn't even take off, the blue flashes and beeps wouldn't stop. I calibrated 3 times. Just updated, haven't gotten out of the house to calibrate away from wires and such. Now I'm getting a message on the ST16 saying "Obstacle avoidance failed" and I'm not even off the ground. I'm on hold with customer support, estimated wait time is an hour. Any ideas? Thanks!
Exactly right. Create a new model, give it a name then go through the binding procedure.
How did you calibrate if it was still blinking blue? Turn on your ST and H then go to system settings and hit about controller. Look at the two columns. Tilt the H forward three times and get the flashing orange light. Now refresh the bind list and touch the H name and hit bind. Look at the versions of your firmware and make sure they updated. You can IM me here and we could FaceTime or skype together and I can walk you through what to do. It’s nerve racking to do the first few times but once you get all the quirks of procedures down it gets easier.
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I am having the same problem. Rapid blue light flashing upon H startup. I can get rapid orange flashing light but the unit does not register on the ST 16. I have updated the St16 softwear and the unit did work. I had a crash replaced parts and have had several good flights. Now no connection.

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