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CCC Playback Speed?

May 13, 2016
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After recording waypoints in Curved Cable Cam mode and then running the T-H along the route, the right stick on the radio can operate the camera while the left stick controls the copter along the route, forward or back. How have you been controlling the speed of the copter along the route? Is it the number of times you push "forward?" Is it the length of time you hold the stick in the "forward" or "back" position?

Thanks for the help.
I tried different methods over the weekend with no results. There must be a way to adjust the speed on ccc. If anybody know how please post the process as its not in the manual and is probably a hidden function of some sort.
The slider doesn't change the speed od ccc. I did find a post were after you cycle thr. to start ccc you can use the thr. quick impute up or down to change the speed. I will have to go out and try it and see if it works.
The problem is 11mph appears to be the fastest speed in CCC.
You can slow it down all you want.
Use the left stick and flick it up or down to change speed.
That was the issue I had it was to fast especially if you ccc is short distance so slowing is all I need.
As soon as the weather is nice again I'm trying the CCC mode. That mode is what piqued my interest in the H early on.

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