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CG03+ Camera Failure

Jun 28, 2023
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I have a Typhoon H drone. Recently my light on my CG03+ camera has failed to come on. There is no video from the camera. I did reset the camera pushing in the 2 buttons near the SD card at the same time but still no indicator light from the camera. I removed the camera from the drone to ensure there is no issue with the pins still no solid white light indicator. Any suggestions? Thanks!
Does the camera stabilize and hold position when powered on?
Have you checked for voltage on the mount contact pins? (see drawing below)
Has anything happened between the last time the camera was normal and the first time it was not? Especially things like a crash or hard landing that caused the dampers to come out of the camera mount.


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Thank you for your response. Yes the camera stabilizes itself and holds position when turned on. I have not checked for voltage on the mount contact pins. I only removed the gimbal with the camera to ensure all pins are aligned and in contact but that has not solved the issue. The drone has been landed multiple times without any noticeable hard landings. It has been working for the past several months without any issues with the camera. This just recently happened. The drone had been sitting for close to a month without any activity. When the camera began to malfunction. I will check for voltage on the mount contact pins. If this is the problem what do you suggest or recommend to repair this problem?
If the gimbal stabilizes, power supply from drone is OK. There must be something with wiring between gimbal and camera itself or defect camera board.
On the gimbal main board is a step-down-converter from Battery voltage to 5V. This 5V goes from gimbal to camera. It's a four-wirde cable and slighly thicker wires than the other. I would check this first.
See WTFD project for detais inside: Way To Fix Drones project
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Try this;
Power On ST16...
Wait until it Boot's & you see the Main Telemetry Screen...
Select: Pad>OK>Circle w/6 Dots>Settings>Wi-Fi
Look for your Camera ID on List CGO3P_xxxxxx
Report back....

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