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CGO3 / CGO2 Android App Updated 01/2018!

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Oct 16, 2016
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CGO3 - Android Apps on Google Play

Had not heard a peep about this update... particularly since it is the first in over a year.

Interesting to note, that this app was recently updated to version 0067 in January 2018... the previous version 0062 from November 2016, did not work for many users/devices. I, like many others, had to install an older version of the APK file. I am using the 0057 version on a Teclast P80 tablet. With this current setup on the ActionGrip, I see a 2-3 second lag behind the live action.

Has anyone installed this new version for the CGO3+? Most importantly to me (and at this point the only reason I would try to change versions), how is the lag time?

If you have installed this current version successfully please list below, both the brand/model of the tablet/smartphone you use and the lag time of the feed from what happens in real time to what you see on your display.
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