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CGO3+ ND Filters for H

Mar 24, 2016
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Melbourne, Australia
Does anyone have an update on the ND filter accessories for the H?
From the unboxing and test flights, the camera looks the same as the Q500.
Do we have any experts out there who can tell?
I'm assuming the new one can accept the filters, ie even though the glass has replaced the plastic lens, the rim will accept a filter....Is it "clip on" or "screw" fitting?

are they sure it doesn't come off ??


maybe tell them to twist it ?? lol
They said the lens doesn't come off, which is obviously true. It's the filter ring that is the question. It looks exactly like the Cgo3, but absolute confirmation is wanted.
I got a email today confirming that "As far as the lens and ND filters it should use the same as the normal CG03"
Perhaps the above sensor is thermal. The nomenclature on the side "CGO3T" may also suggest this?
I saw from an early show clip that Yuneec were planning on a FLIR sensor, but that was going to cost moon beams.
My Q500 4K CGO3 came with an ND filter installed and a packaged UV Filter included in the case.
It would seem rather odd if the Typhoon H CGO3+ didnt come the same way.

Has anyone that received their 'H' confirmed that the installed filter is NOT an ND?

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