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Chroma gone crazy

Feb 5, 2021
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Northern Italy, near Verona
Good morning everyone.
Yesterday I pulled out my Chroma for the usual activity maintenance flights, while he was hovering about 20 meters away from the pilot he lost contact with the remote control going to collide with a small tree that I have in the garden. No damage, rearranged everything, made the calibrations, left on outside for half an hour to acquire as many satellites as possible and resumed flight.

After about 5 minutes of perfect flight, the problem was repeated, the drone began to lose altitude, move left and right and then fall to the ground. 2 props broken... I can't figure out what the problem is, apart from the windy day everything seemed to be perfect. The flight took place in an isolated area, without houses, where I usually fly and never had interference problems. The ST10+ didn't have any effect on the flight, the controls seemed to be disconnected. Looking at the hardware monitor, everything seems to be correct. Connecting bird to GUI no errors are displayed.

Does anyone have an idea what could have happened?

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Hard to say. Can you please provide the flight logs from this incident? I hope you have a SD card in the ST10.
I just take a look at the sd that is into the transmitter, but it's full and no records on last year.
Now I formatted it, will try another flight to see if it happens again, hoping don't destroy my Chroma (will take out the CG02+...). Cross my fingers 🤞🏻
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I did another flight, malfunction happens again, bird was 1 mtr from ground, i stopped the motors and drone "landed" with no damages. But no flight logs were recorded!
I think the Android system will create folders if needed. DCIM I have never seen but Android will create it if it thinks it has a camera. Scenario for that is unknown.
However, the FlightLog folder is there. I guess it is empty? If so then it seems that the channel from drone to ST10 has a problem. Control of the drone is possible if only one direction works. The Spectrum receiver has no Rx, only Tx is connected and it works. It may be a contact problem or bent pin in SR24 receiver connection in the drone.
If telemetry data received a Encryted flight log folder also should be created (with latest ST10+ FW).
By the way, what is the FW version of this ST10+ or is it a ST10?

br HE
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I need the rest of the flightlog too (remote & remoteGPS).
In this zip there are all files that were on the sd card. I've not found the ones you're looking for.
I did 3 flights, all ended with a crash. In one of them I try to fly with gps disabled. I made ST10+ fw update and try another flight after binding to a new model, but still bird have the same problem. I'm thinking that IMU is faulty.


  • FlightLog.zip
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After FW update on ST10 the FlightLogs should record Remote and RemoteGPS data from ST10 too. In Remote we can see what ST10 is sending out to drone. It is good to compare to reaction from the drone to see where is the problem.

In the screenshot from the GUI the IMU looks good. Magnitude should always be near 1000mG no matter what attitude the drone has. Seems to be so. The pressure sensor data looks strange but maybe it is a kind of representation that belongs to Chroma GUI only. For compass it's hard if this is good.

In the file "Telemetry1691409470807" the drone turns at the end of the flight before crash happens (motor 4 front right stops). Was this by intention or did the drone it by itself?
br HE
With st10+v01b30c it should be there. I have other Chroma logs that have it. Can you please delete the flightlog folder? It will be recreated at next flight.

br HE
Here attached the flightlog after the upgrade of the firmware. During this "flight" the drone seem to lose the connection with ST10+, once I got the message "5th motors fault...etc". Chroma crashed one time, on the next flight I had to stop motors because commands from TX were not received.
It's really a strange behavior, it seems the pressure sensor is not working properly.
I hope from your checks for a logical explanation to this malfunction, and thank you on advance for your time.


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