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Collective knowledge

Jun 7, 2016
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Peak District, UK
Apologies if I have missed this.
I have just ordered my Typhoon H, I have never flown before apart from a very short career in RC aircraft which is better left unsaid.
I was wondering if there is a collective spot on this site where all the good info like links to manuals, pre flight checks, what to do and what not to do. I read a post that mentions a list of don't do's which suggested there was more info and instructional videos somewhere on the site?
I have a steep learning curve ahead of me and want to avoid disaster if possible.

I will apply Typhoon G knowledge to the Typhoon H.

Do not take off in Smart mode.
The Typhoon G keeps a "fence" around you and the drone will
fly away from you as fast as possible to maintain the distance from it to you in smart mode.

If a tree is in the way - it will hit the tree and crash.

When learning - go to a huge park.

When learning - try to land on pavement in little or no wind.
If you land in grass and tip the Typhoon over - any spinning propellers hit the grass and the propellers shatter.

When learning - wait for the Typhoon and the flight controller to have more than 10 satellites. This will help in stability.

Angle mode means you need to keep the drone orientated toward you.

When you are learning and you get confused and have lost
the angle of the drone - it is too far away then either switch to home mode or to smart mode.

Home will bring the drone back automatically.
Smart will let you pull the right control stick toward your body or down and the drone will return.

Landing -
There is a thing called Ring Vortex.
When you land straight down the drone can get into a condition
where it is recycling a bubble of air and does not have lift.

This might happen letting the drone land in home mode.

I tend to land in angle mode and sway the drone around.

There is an event called a "death wobble" where the drone is
pitching and bucking if it is in a ring vortex.

Landing it at a 45 degree angle until it gets 15 feet off of the ground
can be useful to avoid ring vortex. This takes both sticks - return stick pulled toward you and the up down stick on the down.

For now as a beginner, just know ring vortex can exist and watch the drone come down carefully.

Never ever fly unless the battery is fully charged.

Always check the props on on well.
Make sure the arms are all locked.

Check cam operation before you take off - make sure the video feed is working.

When learning - concentrate on FLYING it and not the video recording aspect.

Keep the drone in sight.

If you feel you are going to hit a tree or something - GO UP.

Then you can gain your composure and have room to bring the drone home.

When you get flustered time to quit.

Don't drink beer and fly the drone.
I have tried this.
I crashed on a dock.
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Simulator will help a bit.
It will give you confidence in how to move the sticks.

Use it a lot.

But there is nothing like real world.
Take off in angle mode. Always.
And of course - the white lights face you
when you take off - or else you will be really confused as the directional stick on the right will not
fly the drone as you expect.

When you get it out further away - you can go to smart mode and then it does not matter which way the drone is facing.

I fly in mostly angle mode.

but when the drone is way way far out and just a dot - I got to smart and fly it around.

On the Typhoon G - on the video screen of the ST10
there is a green arrow which is useful
If you push the stick in the direction of the green arrow that returns the drone to you.

Usually I am in too much of a panic so to get it home I just switch to HOME mode.

The drone usually JERKS when it do that like someone kicked it in the air and then comes back.

Beware of Ring Vortex when landing in Home mode.
Home mode brings it straight down and it can plunge if it gets into a ring vortex bubble

This crash of mine might have been a ring vortex.
Not sure.
Came down way too fast

If you crash - it is part of life and part of flying and learning. Don't worry about it.

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