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Compass calibration and Smart mode

Apr 27, 2016
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So I calibrated the compass toward magnetic North. The light goes green, everything seems ok.

In Smart mode the copter doesn't move according to the stick command; ex. stick left, copter goes forward. It says GPS 17 sats and good to go.

Could this be due to incorrect compass calibration? I rotated forward with each calibration until the lights changed to the next arms. It is possible I rotated to the next axis the opposite of a previous calibration spin. It would seem the calibration should fail if not done correctly.

BTW, I had the bouncy bounce happen while landing once. Be patient, this is a whole new animal to me.

Also, according to the LED status card, a blinking green and purple slowly (1 time per second) is "Enter Task Function". What is that?
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I'm thinking it may be because I started the tx and copter too close together.
If starting in Smart Mode the system establishes a "Safe Circle" that will automatically try to maintain a set distance between the transmitter and the aircraft. If too close the system will probably not initialize. If too close but near the inside edge of the Safe Circle distance the system will likely initialize and allow flight but try to get outside of the Safe Circle distance. If in such a condition and your control inputs do not match what the aircraft needs to maintain the Safe Circle distance the aircraft will do what it "thinks" it needs to do to move away. The aircraft will not respond as your commands are telling it you want to do. If you walk up on the aircraft while using Smart Mode and encroach upon the Safe Circle it will automatically move away from you regardless of control input. All of this is mentioned in other Yuneec products instruction manuals and since the H uses many of the same control modes as their other models it's reasonable to presume the aircraft will function the same as with the previous models.

If you feel the need to be close to the aircraft, use Angle Mode, which does not provide a Safe Circle, but be advised you will be the one flying the aircraft and will have to handle aircraft orientation relative to control inputs accordingly.

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