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Crash #6 South Lake Tahoe high winds

Apr 1, 2016
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I took the Typhoon G out in unpredictable winds near South Lake Tahoe CA.

I got it up in the air and it did not handle correctly around 200' up.
It was also turning on it's own at times fighting the wind

So I hit HOME mode to get it down.

Came down fine - but FAST.

Lake Tahoe is 6,200 feet up.

When the Typhoon G got to tree top level, I went to Angle Mode
and tried to lift it up with more throttle but no response.

Then I went to full throttle with a second or less to go.

No response.

the Typhoon came down level but rapidly.

Landed on the landing struts and then flipped to the side and then flipped over
breaking the props (of course).

This particular body had been wrecked twice before and this crash - was not a bad crash as there is only prop damage.
Even my epoxied joints stayed together.

Here is video of South Lake Tahoe and the crash landing:

Sorry to read that.. A couple/few things;

If you don't, use an app like UAVForecast that lets you know the wind speeds and the Kp index as well as other important data before you fly. Or you can buy an anemometer.

I don't fly above 15mph winds, makes flying a little difficult as I've experienced mine turning on its own as you have. It also makes landings "interesting".

Coming straight down you might have experienced Vortex Ring State which might explain why it sped up before touch down...

6200' isn't too high. I live at the foot of Rockies at about 5800' and have recently flown at about 8500' with no perceivable issues.

Best of luck
Nice hearing from you all.

An update - I put on new props and got the grommets back in place on that hold the camera gimbal to the upper mount.

I disabled GPS fired it up in the house, held it over my head and put the Typhoon G into full power.
Seems ready to go.

Don't ever let the Typhoon G lose in the house.
The first time I tried to test it in the house I did not know I had to calibrate the ESC's on the motors.

I had just put the ESC's and motors all back in.

You are supposed to run the program and turn each motor to assign the ESC to the position on where it is on the quad.

Big mistake not doing that.
I had the quad on a bed and just stood back and fired it up in the house no GPS.

It just sat there on the bed spinning.

When I gave it a little juice it leaped off the bed up a foot then flipped off the foot of the bed onto the floor and broke all the props. That was my first experience trying to fly it all put back together.

Of course once I figured out how to sync the motors and took it outside it flew just fine.
The rest has been operator error and / or too much wind.

May be going back to Lake Tahoe for a few days in a week or two.

Will try to get some video and not drop it into the lake.

Thanks so much for the app tip.

I should calibrate everything in the Typhoon G again with the Typhoon program on the Macbook, I just dislike digging out that communications wire from the velcro and unhooking it. I always feel like I will break the wire getting the male / female plugs apart.

Check the props before each flight. I had not check my props after 4 flights and one was absolutely more loose than the others.

I was running these props and really happy with them.
but one of the accidents damaged one of these props so I had to go back to Yuneec props.

These props do not damage if the Typhoon G tips into the grass on a landing.
Or even a crash. I had these props on through a few crashes and they paid for themselves by not snapping or breaking.

Maytech 13x3 CF props for Yuneec Q500/Q500+/Q500-4K

Happy flights all.

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