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Dec 19, 2015
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Well I did it !! Flew into a tree today. The only good thing is that I was able to
recover it.I was out around 1000 ft. watching the viewer not the bird thought
I was 125 ft.up but I must have pushed the stick down and right into the tree.
So had to order parts,Carolina Drones have everything.I hope I can put it back
together with no problems I will let you know.
Man that sucks. I don't fly using the screen for just that reason. I use the screen to frame my pictures, or to check position for videos...
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never fly watching your ST-10 screen it's not real time , it has big time lag . it's great foe knowing where you are , taking photos and telemetry but to fly near trees or houses you are just asking for trouble .
fly safe
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I flew mine into a tree too. Hey, u live and u learn. I had to send my bird to Carolina dronz. It was fixed and back in my hands in less than 10 days.
The FAA's Line-Of-Sight restriction is a seeming annoyance until examples like this one color it sensible. Based on the bad experiences I've read and heard about it looks like the only safe place to fly via FPV is a desert environment with no objects for miles around -- presuming one isn't flying a drone with object avoidance.
I did the same thing,I had to pay a tree climber $200.00 to get it back.I also knocked the camera off which fell about 125feet.I had to send it in to be fixed so I was out of commission until now.My battery was completely drained and would not charge again.I read somewhere you had to add a little voltage to it with another battery so I did that for a minute I put on the charger and it charged again.This happened around the same time I asked you the price of your antenna.Do you still have it?I am in an area where there are a lot of trees and mountains. I get to about 600 feet before I lose connection with the standard antenna. I will never fly using the screen image unless I'm up about 400feet.

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