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Devastated | Typhoon H goes black & falls from sky

Sep 5, 2016
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Sorry for the loss and I hope Yuneec takes care of you. If I were to go amateur NTSB on this I would lean towards the battery not being fully seated. If the battery were securely in the bay I do not think it would have received so much damage considering the body of the H is mostly intact. The battery receiving so much damage and being bent near the middle may indicate it was not fully inside the body at impact. It may have ejected during impact but it does seem like a loss of power situation.

Hopefully the logs will tell the story and you get a new H. Oh BTW only a woman can properly shatter your heart, not a drone.

thanks for that analysis
May 4, 2016
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Could either the ST-16 battery or the H battery have died or lost electrical connection?

The H will return to home automatically after a few seconds of no signal from the ST16. If the battery in the H dies then it will return to ground automatically.
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Jul 5, 2016
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I was so excited to finally purchase my first yuneec product in late July 2016. Much to my disappointment however I have had many problems with my Typhoon H. No need to re-hash it all here and I will say that after a couple of calls to support on one of the first issues that yuneec did send some new parts and I was able to repair the faulty gamble mount. This time however I'm thinking ten dollars worth of parts won't get it.
I was flying along just fine. The Drone was not more than 150' up and maybe 300' away and everything seemed to be working fine. I had it in flight for 3 to 5 minutes I am guessing (these are all estimates, I have not seen the flight data yet as of this writing. Mostly I am just venting right now)... All of a sudden the lights all went out, the screen went blank and it plummeted to the ground. It all happened very quickly, but I am pretty sure it lit back up and I could hear the motors running full speed (or thats what it sounded like) but the drone would not respond and it struck the ground and broke into dozens of pieces. My heart is as shattered as my drone now. I have been flying for four years and have owned drones by DJI, 3D Robotics and now Yuneec. I have even built two myself from the table up. My point is this was not user error. Today is a national holiday in the U.S. so I am unable to reach support, but I do intend to get to the bottom of this. There was one detail of this crash that does kind of put a smile on my face though. Evidently hiding in the bushes within a couple of feet from where the drone came to its sudden stop on the concrete, was a cat.. im laughing right now as I type this.. You should have seen that cat leap out from those bushes when the drone crashed next to him. He looked like he was being shot out of a cannon. Haven't seen him since. I think he is still running maybe..

No words needed video speaks for itself


Aug 10, 2016
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Chicago, IL
Oh boy, this was interesting to read. I had the same situation happen on my 10th flight. I was flying my first H, testing out the flight modes, then it seemed to lose all power and just drop out of the sky from about 100'. The camera was destroyed into many, many parts. All propellers broken, 3 arms and the landing gear broken. It's possible that internal components were also damaged/destroyed. I couldn't tell.

Thank you Yuneec for GPS logging, as it fell behind some trees and I lost track of it. To add personal insult to drone injury, I found it after walking through a terrible field of poison ivy. Well that's my fault for not recognizing it till my legs were covered with a red rash later one. I was a bit panicked, so I didn't take the time to put pants on. This is kind of funny looking back on it. Anyway, it taught me how to pull the GPS flight log from the ST16 and I searched Google Maps with the lat/long coordinates and it was exactly where it said it was.

It took about 5 weeks of calling/emailing Yuneec customer service to get their attention to the matter. Although the Yuneec customer service was nice, I was told 3 times that someone would get back to me 'before end of day', which never happened. 2 times that I called, they had a record of my issue, but had lost my flight logs that I had emailed both times. On the last call, a young woman gave me an RA#. It had been a VERY frustrating experience. I was able to retrieve and repair the video file of the fall, sort of. It's glitchy, but you can see that it's falling. Therefore, it did not lose full power, just dropped for some other reason. In case anyone else can provide assistance or wants to see what happened, please see my attached flight logs for the crash. Perhaps there's something I missed. My thinking is even if I hit a wrong switch on the ST16, it should never have lost power or dropped out of the sky. Smart programming would keep it at least in position or provide an on-screen warning.

In trusting that Yuneec will sort out the issue, I finally bought a new one. Within 1 week of owning that one I had a few successful, but nervous flights. Then I and upgraded to newest firmware, and the CGO3 camera would no longer connect, although the H would connect just fine. I tried everything I knew and from forum posts. I again called customer service and they talked me through all they could think of then said "this shouldn't happen", then gave me an RA# for that. Am I having very bad luck here, or is this product still in some kind of alpha/beta testing and we're paying for it?

Since the manual, as discussed many times on this forum and elsewhere is so bad and thin, does anyone have a good reference for the headers of the CSV file produced for each of the flight logs? Many are quite obvious, but sure would be nice to track what was happening a bit easier, what the flight mode numbers specifically represent, etc. Thanks for reading. I sincerely hope all of this gets worked out, as I really do like flying to H. I would like to have a great experience, but perhaps I chose the wrong brand.

- Brian


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