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Distance not right

Oct 24, 2015
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Recently replaced my ST10+ and the distance is not right, I reflashed the Q and updated the ST10+ firmware. Anyone else experience a distance issue? Oh and yes I calibrated the compass and accelerometer. Bird flies fine but I'm a little concerned the telemetry could be way off.
I've flown my 4k yesterday. I needed the maximum height by factory setting. The copter stopped at 122,7m :rolleyes:
Everything is ok. Even the distance seems to be ok.
I've flown my 4k yesterday. I needed the maximum height by factory setting. The copter stopped at 122,7m :rolleyes:
Everything is ok. Even the distance seems to be ok.
Yeah my altitude is almost dead on 400', it's the distance away horizontally that's off, says it's 50' away when it's only about 15'

EDIT: I think I may have solved my own mystery, my back yard is not the largest as are most suburban yards and I have a whole home back up generator sitting about 5' from where I launch, metal cabinet, 1000cc v twin engine and the generator head itself is probably half the size of the entire unit, maybe some magnetic interference going on even though it's only on when grid power is lost. Guess I'll test out in an open field sometime and see what it shows.
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Was wondering if you are still having a problem because i never had a issue before but I updated my st10 and q500+ and now the distance is way off. I can be right next to it and it will say I am 25 feet away I'm a little concerned because what will happen when it goes into fail safe mode and it returns to home won't that be affected by that.
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Haven't had a chance to go to an open field yet, I went out of range once and it came back to me, it auto reconnected once it was back in range then I landed it. I don't trust the home or smart mode to land it.
I called support and he advised me to reinstall the update because it could of had some glitches or corrupted I'll try tonight.
Ok lol I'm new to this if the tx is the controller then yes he said to reinstall the update.

Tx = transmitter, Rx = receiver. I decided to do both of mine again and the only difference I made was changing the measurements m to ft, and temp c to f then ran the update, I just got back in from a test flight and at 1st it seemed to be dead on, when I finally landed it and looked again it was off again but not as much as before, now the distance is equal to the height. I'm 4ft above sea level and it showed I was at 39' when on the ground, distance was the same value so I think the sensor for altitude may be an issue.
I was also told by support that I shouldn't be able to start up the motors in smart mode while with in the safe zone of I think it's about 20 feet but I have a video of me doing that while right above the drone so that proves something is wrong with the distance. This makes me nervous when I'm flying and I think this could cause a flyaway because it might confuse the drone as to were its location is at.
I forgot to add after i updated the Tx i had a loud buzzing noise coming out the back that wasn't there before. Ok last might i did a reinstall of the update for the controller and so far the buzzing noise has stopped i see if it fixed the distance on Tuesday I will get later.

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