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E20Tvx radiometric data

Correct me if I’m misinterpreting your post. I believe you are wanting to batch process thermograms from the E20Tvx and you can’t get the YuneecImage program to process more than one image at a time.

I’m not aware of a way to allow batch processing with YuneecImage. Have you contacted Yuneec Europe or your distributor for what standard thermography software is alluded to in the product description?
Good flight. I have a big question for you all. When I do a report in YuneecImage, it tells me Atmospheric
temperature is 23 .Can this temperature be changed to the current temperature? Whether I measure at +20 or +1 it still shows me +23. Second question is. Does anyone know why it shows me the lowest temperature - 18 when it was +3 . Thank you all in advance for the information

Screenshot 2023-11-13 201357.png
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Unfortunately, I have E20Tvx PRO and it does not detect yuneec as a photo.
Please upload a sample image from your camera. I’ll see if it will work on my laptop.

There was an issue with language setup on the computer as I recall. Yes, the language setup for the computer has to be set to English or Chinese. Start reading at post #75 of this thread for the solution
Post in thread 'E20Tvx radiometric data'
E20Tvx radiometric data.
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There isn't problem with setup, but when i uploaded photos to software and try to import it, i received a msg: Not yunnec photo. In attachement there are some photos.


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I am getting the same message trying to load the thermal images.

@Enrico Jorysch do you have any info on the new Pro version and software to analyze the images?
I passed the test.
I can edit and analyze the recordings from the E20PRO with the Yuneec IR Tool without any problems... see photos in the attachment.

I live in Switzerland and so the country setting on my PC is set to Switzerland and the language is set to Swiss German.


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    Screenshot 2024-02-01 094726.png
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Many thanks once again @Enrico Jorysch!

I feel really foolish. Enrico has recently uploaded a newer version of YuneecImage tool and I did not install it on my computer. I still had v2.0.0 installed instead of the newer v2.2.0. With the newer version it recognizes images from the E20Tvx Pro as a Yuneec Image.

Make sure you download and install v2.2.0. Yuneec Image Tool V2.2.0 - Google Drive


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