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H520E RTK help

Dec 24, 2020
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McLeansville North Carolina
I am an owner of a h520e rtk for a few days but I did not think that there was such a great abandonment of its customers by yuneec, lu will lose all between dji and autel. Is it possible that there is no in-depth manual on rtk and ppk? I found a converter in the sdcard because, is there any procedure to make the files compatible? bohhhhhh assistance is non-existent !!! Rtk is ok but how do i see the accuracy in real time???
The re is someone that can help me to understand something about this h520e??thankss
I'm also an owner of a H520e since December 2020 and you are so correct. Customer service is almost nonexistent with Yuneec and their website I had to going through the website designers to get them to respond to my emails. I have emailed customer service many times about the OFDM firmware not uploading and micro sd card problems and their lightly written manual doesn't cover a fiction of what you need to know about this bird. I wish you the best of luck as well take care!
Jan 3, 2023
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Is it always "exactly" 30cm? Can you set the done on a GCP and check? The offset from the sensor to the ground is 7.5cm and the sensor to phase center of the antenna is about 21cm. Sorry but we have not seen this so I'm not much help.
We don't do much with the RTK portion, but instead are using a PPK process. This involves doing some conversions with the PPK Timestamp text file, and we are seeing a repeatable one foot error (or blunder) in the elevation. Every other aspect of the process is well within accuracy expectations, the relative accuracy in all three dimensions is as expected, the absolute accuracy of the XY is within expectation, the absolute accuracy of the Z (elevation) misses our GCP by one foot, which is the same as the 30 cm noted in this discussion. We will be doing what was suggested with taking some photographs with the UAV on the GCP. One photograph with the UAV facing due north and sitting plumb, one with the UAV facing due north and leaning as far northerly as possible, and one with the UAV facing due north and leaning due east. We are trying to better understand the values represent in the timestamp file.

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