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Home Mode will not Switch back to Angle Mode

Mar 1, 2016
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My Q500 will not stop descent and return to hover when switched from home back to Angle every time even with good GPS satellite lock. Yesterday it descended too fast and I switched to Angle with full up on left stick and it continued to the ground and bounced hard. No damage. Went home and updated both bird and transmitter. GUI also had no problems indicated with motors, etc. Battery was at 11.2v. Anybody have any ideas or similar trouble.

Also, I have not flown since updates were done due to windy conditions. This was a new bird March 1st this year.
FYI , Axel at Yuncee, indicates that I should go ahead and fly after doing updates and determine if problem still exists. If it does he feels the "Barometer unit" may have issues, which will require returning it to Yuncee for a recalibration of barometer or main board change. When wind abates I will fly it and post results.
It seems that I has the exact same issue with my bird, at first I tought it was a pilot problem (me), but I updated The st10+ remote control, that was The final recomendation after calling yuneec's tech support and I feel it fixed The problem for good. I think it is necesary to also say: do not to forget to calibrate compass every time you flight this babys !
It appears the updates to the quad and transmitter cured the problem. Had no issues today with home mode.

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