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How to Find/Extract ST 16 Flight Logs

Mar 2, 2016
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Here is how to get your flight logs from ST16 Controller:
1.Select Pad on ST16 (Bottom left of screen). Green screen will appear.

2.Select circle with 6 dots at bottom center

3.Select File Manager

4.Then slide left to get to the Directory Menu

5.Scroll Down and Select Flight Mode

6.Select mission_data

7.In that folder there will be a list of your saved mission plans which you can delete individual ones, or export to PC.

To load to your PC:
Connect USB from ST 16 to PC/laptop, a screen will pop up.
Then Open "Internal Device"
Go to "Flight Log" Then select "Telemetry" And walla! it's there to save.
Now will someone help me to get it to Google Maps and see where my H was and use as a tracker!;)
Is your telemetry data in metric or imperial?
Mine looks to be metric, but imperial is selected and displayed on my ST-16
I would recommend www.dronelogbook.com, if used on a weekly basis to upload your weeks worth of logs it'll function in a similar way as the DJI GO flight records and includes a map trace and altitude data.
Metric too! Thats odd!

Yuneec probably uses metric as their base measurement and the ST-16 merely does the maths for you when displayed. Perhaps one of the online tools can change the measurement system in the same way.
Is there any Mac users here ? when I connect the ST16 on my macbook nothing happens....
Gosh, old thread.

Yes, the ST-16 should turn up on your mac as a mountable drive.

Failing that, you can copy the files you found with @DroneClone 's instructions onto an SD card and then put that into a reader on your Mac.

Alternatively, follow the link below in my signature to install my App - it lets you use a browser on your home network to download files without messing about with USB and SD cards. Since DC wrote the first message, it also now converts telemetry files to GPX so you can import them into Google Maps.

Oh, and yes, the Typhoon stores all data internally in metric. The Units setting is strictly display units, not what is stored in telemetry files.
thanks for the advice....I managed to get the logs by using an SD cards in the ST16...thanks
thanks for the advice....I managed to get the logs by using an SD cards in the ST16...thanks

Rather than a third party app just grab the Android File Transfer utility from google and it'll pop up a finder like window when you next connect the ST-16. Its not quite Finder but its close.
Thank you gentlemen... all worked well. The Android file utility was the trick for me with my Mac laptop. Impressive app' Mr Tuna, well done.
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Any danger of losing telemetry files in the ST16 during data transfer to the DroneLogbook system?

I haven't used this one yet but your logs will still be on the ST16 and anywhere you copy them to regardless of which online service you upload to - you can never have too many backups I say :)
I haven't used this one yet but your logs will still be on the ST16 and anywhere you copy them to regardless of which online service you upload to - you can never have too many backups I say :)

Okay. Thanks. Good to know, and I agree. When making backups is so easy, why not just do it?
Are logs sent directly to Yuneec like DJI does. I have not set up an account and I finally JUST flew one of my H's. Just curious if my info is being tracked. One of the things I don't particularly love about DJI that I only just found out about. If you are a member of the Phantom forums, you will see that I had my first ever crash and it suuuuckeedd but when it was time to what I thought would be uploading my logs to them, they didn't need them because they already had them, I was quite surprised and not really thrilled if I'm being honest. I guess if we are to look at these things like regular crafts, then I should get used to it but I don't like it.

So does anyone know if logs are auto uploaded to the servers at Yuneec?

No, the logs are kept on the ST-16 and machine and neither of them 'phone home'. If you have a crash, they can examine the logs when you send the machine in.
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Yuneec does not "auto transfer" telemetry from the system to the company. Another difference between DJI and Yuneec telemetry is that none of the telemetry is hidden from the aircraft owner. You have total access to the complete telemetry from every flight with the H. All H telemetry is stored in sequentially numbered files on the -16, with a new file started every time the H is powered on and ended when the H is powered off.

If something happens and you call customer service there is a high probability Yuneec will ask you to send them telemetry for review before they authorize a return authorization. They seem to prefer you send all the telemetry, not just the problem flight, so assuring you maintain telemetry is kind of important. You should ask how much telemetry they need to be sure. It is a good idea to download and save the telemetry folder to another storage device before upgrading firmware or clearing data in the -16. You can copy or cut and paste but if you choose to cut be aware if you make a mistake when cutting you can lose all the telemetry forever. It may be better to copy and go back to delete after you know the files were transferred to a back up device. To be on the safe side, leave the most recent telemetry file in the -16 if and when you remove files for back up storage.

If you fly a lot the telemetry folder can become quite large. If asked to send full telemetry to Yuneec you will find some e-mail servers will not permit sending large files. If you encounter this problem start up a Dropbox account or some other cloud based data service and transfer files to that account to share them with Yuneec.
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