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Lake Anna Va Sunrise Picture

Jan 21, 2021
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New to the group. Was asked to upload a picture or two. This was taken at Lake Anna Virginia on the second day I owned my Q500 4k several years ago. I woke up before sunrise on a lark just to see what I could catch with it. I just flew for a few minutes took a very short video and few pictures. I didn't have my screen shade on the transmitter and the view, while nice on the ground, was not the same as that of the drone's perspective. I was pretty shocked when I downloaded it. It's not razor sharp, but I feel like that gives it a bit of an impressionistic painting vibe. Hope you like it. John


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Amazing! Thanks for sharing. Sent you a PM. Hope you don't mind if I use it as my wallpaper. ;)
Feel free. It has been my wallpaper for various PC's and my FB profile at one point. I doubt I'd ever make my $millions off of it so if it brings a daily smile to someone else happy to oblige.. JB
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Blew this up as many times as my computer would allowed. The pillars on the buildings -- that you can barely see in the original sizing -- are clear as are windows on the buildings. Either you are just being very modest or you were waiting for all of us to praise your work. OK, here's my praise -- EXCELLENT PIC! Something I would be proud to say "I shot that."

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